WAPOL Looking for New Pipe Major

Western Australia Police Force are currently advertising for the position of Pipe Major of their pipe band. The position is permanent and full time and has an annual salary of circa. £46,000 per annum.

The force state: ‘Applicants are required to submit a comprehensive Curriculum Vitae (CV). Your CV should provide enough detail (dot points are sufficient) to allow the selection panel to assess your skills, experience and qualifications.

‘Your CV should be tailored to clearly outline that you possess transferrable skills and experience relevant to the advertised role. Applicants deemed suitable through CV will then be asked to provide an audition tape demonstrating their musicianship.’

Deadline for applications is 4pm on 29th February 2024 (Western Australia Time)

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The WAPOL band has been in existence since 1966. The Perth based band currently consists of 14 full time staff and is occasionally assisted by local guest players at certain events.

The band concentrates on performing ceremonial duties, traditional and contemporary musical performances at community events and performing to over 40 primary schools around the state of Western Australia annually. In 2020, the band launched the Western Australia Police Youth Development Pipe Band to offer local young people the opportunity to learn pipe and drums. 

The band has previously competed on the national and international stage however they have not competed nationally or internationally since lifting the 2016 Grade 1 title at the Australian Pipe Band Championships. The band has no current plans to return to the national or international competition scene.

The previous permanent Pipe Major of the band, Alisdair McLaren, left the role in October 2022 to become Head of Pipe Band at Presbyterian Ladies College in Perth, WA.

Since Alisdair’s departure, the Pipe Major position was initially covered on an interim basis by Chris MacDonald and Neil Walker. Since March 2023, Chris has been running the band as Pipe Major though not in a permanent capacity. WA Police are now seeking to fill the position on a permanent basis.

Interested candidates should view the following advert for further details and information on the application process. Click here.

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