Helensburgh Results

Australian David Stulpner, winner of the ‘C’ Grade Piobaireachd at Helensburgh

A professional solo contest was held yesterday, October 15, in Helensburgh, a town on the Firth of Clyde, west of Glasgow. It was a replacement event for the cancelled Rosneath Games and was part sponsored by the Piobaireachd Society.

‘A’ Piob: 1 Darach Urquhart 2 Greig Canning
‘A’ March: 1 Darach Urquhart 2 Greig Canning
‘A’ S&R: 1 Darach Urquhart 2 Greig Canning

‘B’ Piob:
1 James McPetrie
2 Edward Gaul
3 Angus MacPhee
4 Andrew Ferguson
5 Daniel Nevans

‘B’ March:
1 Ross Connor
2 Angus MacPhee
3 Brodie Watson Massey
4 Christopher McLeish
5 Keith Bowes

‘B’ S&R:
1 Christopher McLeish
2 James McPetrie
3 Brodie Watson Massey
4 Alastair Murray
5 Angus MacPhee

‘C’ Piob:
1 David Stulpner
2 Cameron MacLeod
3 Christopher McLeish
4 Jeffrey Lawson
5 Andrew Smith

‘C’ March:
1 Cameron MacLeod
2 Andrew Smith
3 Jamie Brownlie
4 Griffin Jackson
5 Eala McElhinney

‘C’ S&R:
1 Cameron MacLeod
2 Scott McAskill
3 Kyle Cameron
4 Andrew Smith
5 Liam McElhinney

Judges: J Banks, B Donaldson, D Fraser, P Hunt, R Livingstone, R Huth, W Morrison, L Tannock

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