Draws for Captain John MacLellan and National Mod Piping Announced

Winners at the John MacLellan 2018

The Captain John MacLellan MBE Memorial competition takes place on Saturday (Oct 7) at the Army School of Piping at Inchdrewer House Edinburgh. There are large entries in all events, particularly the B and C Grades.

Some competitions begin at 8.30am. Visitors welcome. Here are some of the draws:

P Piob

Christopher Armstrong
Innes Smith
William McCallum
Roderick MacLeod
Finlay Johnston
Angus D MacColl
Iain Speirs
Stuart Liddell
Glenn Brown


Iain Speirs
Sarah Muir
Angus J MacColl
Ben Duncan
Stuart Liddell
Glenn Brown
Christopher Armstrong
Cameron MacDougall
William McCallum

P MSR (cont’d)

Simon Marshall
Roderick MacLeod
Finlay Johnston
Angus D MacColl

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Ayrshire Bagpipes Nov 2020
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Captain John winners 2014

  • Check out last year’s results here.

National Mod

The National Mod Piping takes place in Paisley on October 14 and is now run by the Competing Pipers’ Association with stewarding assistance from the Army School.

According to the programme there was a very poor entry of only four for the Senior P/A grade event with only five pipers supporting the competition: Peter McCalister, Darach Urquhart, Ben Duncan, Sandy Cameron and Ciaran Ross (light music only).

Later CPA Secretary Lachie Dick contacted PP. Lachie: ‘There are actually about a dozen players in total for the P/A events at the Mod. They print the programme so early that the five you mentioned were the ones who got their names in before the printing deadline in August! 

‘Piob is Sandy Cameron, Darach Urquhart, Peter McAllister, Greig Canning, Gordon Bruce, Roderick MacLeod, Ben Duncan

‘MSR is Sandy, Darach, Greig, Gordon, Roderick, Ben, Simon Marshall, Ashley McMichael, and Ciaren Ross. Entries are still open so may get a few more!’

The playing order in the B Piob for the Sheena J. Nicol Memorial Trophy, is: Jonathon Simpson, Bradley Parker, Ruaridh Brown, Callum Wynd, Cameron May, Brodie Watson-Massey, Eireann Ianetta-MacKay, Dan Nevans, James McPetrie, Luke Kennedy, Alastair Murray, Ciaran Ross, Ben Mulhearn, Edward Gaul, Keith Bowes, Kristopher Coyle, Angus MacPhee, Scott Armstrong, Kate Kimove, Gordon Barclay and Ashley McMichael.

The playing order in the B MSR for the Argyllshire Gathering Quaich is: Callum Wynd, Brodie Watson-Massey, Ruaridh Brown, Dan Nevans, Cameron May, Edward Gaul, Luke Kennedy, Kristopher Coyle, Keith Bowes, Eireann Ianetta-MacKay, Stuart McCallum, Jonathon Simpson, Angus MacPhee, James McPetrie, Christopher McLeish, Scott Armstrong, Bradley Parker, Alastair Murray, and Peter McCalister.

All senior piping is in Paisley Town Hall.

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