Pitlochry Games Results (Juniors added)

Dr McCalister on the piobaireachd board yesterday, Sept. 9

Very warm with the occasional shower at the final games of the summer at Pitlochry in Highland Perthshire. The new Piobaireachd competition sponsored by the Piobaireachd Society attracted a wide field of pipers and was hailed a great success. The entry was larger than at any time in the last 20 years. A very large crowd also attended.

Open Piob
1 Dr Peter McCalister, The Fingerlock
2 Angus MacPhee, I Gave a Kiss to the King’s Hand
3 Steven Gray
4 Callum Wynd
5 Christopher McLeish
6 Bobby Allen

Open March, Strathspey & Reel
1 William McCallum
2 Brian Lamond
3 Angus MacPhee
4 Ciaran Ross
5 Christopher McLeish
6 Steven Gray

Open 6/8 March
1 William McCallum
2 Steven Gray
3 Bobby Allen
4 Simon Marshall
5 Brian Lamond
6 Angus MacPhee

1 William McCallum
2 Steven Gray
3 Bobby Allen
4 Brian Lamond
5 Ciaran Ross
6 Kyle Cameron

Juniors U18 Perthshire Championship Marches: 1 Archie McNab  2  Hamish Stephens 3 Sam Brass 4 Jamie Willbourne

S&R: 1 Archie McNab 2 Hamish Stephens 3 Jamie Willbourne

Junior U15 MSR: 1 Kai Hay 2 Charlie Mack 3 Hamish Stephens

Junior U18: 1 McKenzie Fraser 2 James Fraser 3 Archie McNab 4 Liam Munro

Judges: J Banks, R Barnes, B Donaldson, D Fraser, P Hunt, A Maclean

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