Victorian Championships and Australian Piobaireachd Medal Results

Gold, Silver and Bronze Piobaireachd Medals

The Victorian Pipers’ Association (VPA) Victorian Championships and Australian Piobaireachd medal events were held at Presbyterian Ladies’ College in Melbourne on July 8th. On Friday July 7th the VPA also held a recital featuring guest judge Stuart Easton and VPA pipers Jack Watson and Liam Nicolson.

The contest had over 50 competitors across all grades and prizes totalling over $7,500 (AUD) including $3,500 [£1,800] in prize money.

By Jonathan Quay, President

Our aggregate is the three light music elements (March/Strath & Reel/Hornpipe & Jig) plus piobaireachd using a points system. So the overall champion is the total points, but, we also award individual elements separately and the piobaireachds are the medal events.

There are too many results to publish in an article so I think the most important are the overall and the piobaireachd. I’ve included a link to the master sheet.

Craig Sked (Queensland) won both the Australian Gold Medal Piobaireachd and the overall A Grade Victorian Champion prize with only two points separating first and second and five points separating the top three aggregate placings. 

Craig Sked receiving the A Grade Victorian Champion trophy and AUD$1000 [£500] presented by Shane Hume from the Center family. James Center, the Champion Piper and pipe maker, settled in Victoria after emigrating from Scotland

William Mullighan (South Australia) won the overall B Grade Victorian Champion prize and Silver Medal piobaireachd.

Jessie Sun (Victoria) won the Bronze Medal piobaireachd. Michael Zhang (Victoria) won the overall C Grade Victorian Champion prize.

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Australian Gold Medal Piobaireachd (A Grade)
1 Craig Sked (QLD) – The King’s Taxes
2 Jonathan Quay (Vic) – Mackintosh of Borlum’s Salute
3rd Josh Chandler (Vic) – Lament for the Only Son
Judges: Stuart Easton (NZ), Ross Campbell (QLD); sponsored by Victorian Scottish Heritage and Cultural Foundation

Australian Silver Medal Piobaireachd (B Grade)
1 William Mullighan
2 Matt Gervasoni (Vic)
3 Jack Watson (Vic)
Judges: Stuart Easton, Ross Campbell

Australian Bronze Medal Piobaireachd (C Grade)
1 Jessie Sun
2 Henry Carls (Tasmania)
3 Zachary Murphy (New South Wales)
Judge: Fiona Manson (Qld)

D grade Piobaireachd: 1 Jonny Coe (NSW) 2 Stephanie Scott (Vic) 3 Mike Taylor (Vic)
Judge: Matt Fraser (Vic)

Novice Piobaireachd: 1 Magnus McRae (Vic) 2 Callum Fisher (Vic) 3 Neve Harris (NSW)
Judge: Fiona Manson

A Grade overall (aggregate): 1 Craig Sked 2 Jonathan Quay 3 Josh Chandler
Judges: Stuart Easton, Ross Campbell

B Grade overall
1 William Mullighan 2 Jack Watson (Vic) 3 Matt Gervasoni (Vic)
Judges: Andrew Roach (Qld), Craig Sked; trophy presented by Scots of Victoria

C Grade overall: 1 Michael Zhang 2 Jessie Sun 3 Jess Jeffery (Vic)
Judges: Matt Fraser (Vic), Mark Saul (Vic); winner’s trophy presented by Clan Maclennan

D Grade overall: 1 Jonny Coe (NSW) 2 Stephanie Scott (Vic) 3 Mike Taylor (Vic)
Judges: Craig Sked, Mark Saul

Novice overall: 1 Callum Fisher (Vic) 2 Zachary Stamoulis (Vic) 3 Neve Harris (NSW)
Judges: Ian Lyons (Vic), Cam Ely (Vic)

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