Uist & Barra 2023 Results

This competition was held today, March 4, at the Piping Centre, McPhater Street, Glasgow. Pipers were given their tunes one week in advance.

There was a large and appreciative audience throughout the day. It was the first U&B since 2020.

Ceòl Mòr, Glasgow Highland Club Medal and Finlay MacKenzie Challenge Trophy
1 Craig Sutherland, Park Piobaireachd No.2
2 John Mulhearn, Queen Anne’s Lament
3 Angus D MacColl, End of the High Bridge
4 Sandy Cameron, Battle of the Pass of Crieff
5 Finlay Johnston, Battle of Auldearn No.2

MacRaeBanner ’19
Ayrshire Bagpipes Nov 2020
shepherd banner ’22

MSR, Oban Times Challenge Trophy
1 Finlay Johnston
2 Angus D MacColl
3 Craig Sutherland
4 Iain Speirs
5 Connor Sinclair

H&J, Angus John MacDonald Trophy
1 Angus D MacColl
2 Craig Sutherland
3 Connor Sinclair
4 Finlay Johnston
5 Iain Speirs

Overall for the Charles Hepburn Rose Bowl: Craig Sutherland

Judges for all events: I Duncan, W Morrison, R Wallace. Stay tuned for more from the Uist & Barra.

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