Dunvegan Medal Draw/ Chatsworth Entry Details

Sarah Muir was the winner of the prestigious Dunvegan Medal at the 2019 Skye Gathering

The prestigious Dunvegan Medal for MacCrimmon Piobaireachd will take place at this year’s Skye Gathering from 8.30am on August 2.

The venue is the Skye Gathering Hall in Portree. The list of entrants is already oversubscribed with a waiting list being held in reserve. The running order is as follows:

Gordon Barclay1
Andrew Donlon2
Andrew Hall3
Anna Smart4
Greig Canning5
Jamie Elder6
Andrew Ferguson7
Gordon McCready8
Finlay Cameron9
Callum Wynd10
Andrea Boyd11
James MacKenzie12
James Feeney13
Sandy Cameron14
Andrew Carlisle15
Fraser Allison16
Edward Gaul17
Anna Kummerlöw18
Jonathon Simpson19
Steven Leask20
Nick Hudson21
B Watson-Massey22
Mark MacKenzie23
John MacDonald24
Andrew Smith25
Darach Urquhart26
  • Lochaber Gathering (Aug.26) have closed entries to their B/C grade competition and report substantial entries in P/A.
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The Piobaireachd Society are sponsoring this year’s Captain John MacLellan Memorial Piobaireachd competition at Chatsworth Country Fair in Derbyshire.

Closing Date for Entries is Friday, 12 August 2022. Seven prizes in Piob and M,SR.

Competition Organiser: Walter MacGregor, De Bois Hall, John De Bois Hill, Ardleigh, Essex CO7 7PH to whom all applications must be sent either by email or post.Telephone: 07540 826461 (M)/ 01206 231425 (H); Email: debois@btinternet.com

Open Contests

1 Captain John MacLellan Memorial Piobaireachd Prizes: 

       £350, £275, £225, £175, £150, £125, £100

2 6/8 March: £50, £40, £30, £20, £10

3 Iain Angus Memorial 2/4 March: £100, £90, £80, £60, £50, £40, £30

4 Strathspey & Reel: £100, £90 , £80, £60, £50, £40, £30

5 Hornpipe & Jig: £50, £40, £30, £20, £10

Overall Champions Prize: In addition to the prize monies listed above, the most successful competitor in the Open will be awarded overall championship prize of £150.

Entry fees are £7.50 per event, four tunes asked for except H&J where it is three tunes.

Contest Arrangements: Owing to time considerations, the overall number of ‘solo piping performance slots’ available is fairly finite and intending competitors are advised to send their entry forms as soon as possible.  In the event of over-subscription for any of the contests, every effort will be made to accommodate all entries.  If that is not possible, then acceptance of entries will be decided on the basis of date received.  If necessary, acceptance of entries on the day will be subject to ballot.

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