Atholl Gathering Results

‘B’ Grade Piobaireachd winner John MacDonald, Aberdeen, at the Atholl Gathering today

A cold and sometimes wet day on the Perthshire slopes at Blair Atholl for one of the first major Highland gatherings of the season. There were strong entries in all grades with circa. 50 pipers on parade over the grades. Champion Piper was Sandy Cameron, Roy Bridge.

P/A/Non CPA Piobaireachd (three tunes):
1 Angus MacColl, snr.
2 Sandy Cameron
3 Sarah Muir
4 Ben Duncan
5 Steven Leask
Judges: P Henderson, W Morrison

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B Piob (three tunes):
1 John MacDonald, Tulloch Ard
2 Callum Wynd, End of the High Bridge
3 Andrew Hall, Earl of Ross’s March
4 Edward Gaul, Lady Margaret MacDonald’s Salute
5 Jamesd Feeney, USA, Patrick Og MacCrimmon’s Lament
Judges: R Wallace, J Wilson

Sandy Cameron, Champion Piper at the Atholl Gathering 2022

C Piob (three tunes):
1 James McPetrie
2 Cameron May
3 Gregor MacDonald
4 Bobby Allen
5 Martin Lee
Judges: R Clark, M Henderson

There were two heats in this competition from an entry of 45 pipers. Five went forward from each to the final.
1 Steven Leask
2 Ben Duncan
3 Cameron MacDougall
4 Angus MacColl, snr.
5 Sandy Cameron
Judges: C Armstrong, P Hunt

There were two heats in this competition from an entry of 41 pipers. Five went forward to the final.
1 Angus MacColl, jnr.
2 Sarah Muir
3 Sandy Cameron
4 Bobby Allen
5 Ben Duncan
Judges: R Barnes, R MacShannon

Junior Piob
1 Arran Green
2 Alistair Williams
3 Andrew Pattison
4 Duncan Winters

Junior MSR
1 Alistair Williams
2 Arran Green
3 Duncan Winter
4 Logie Johnstone

Junior Jig
1 Alistair Williams
2 Duncan Winters
3 Arran Green
4 Logie Johnstone
Judges: D Fraser, A Spalding

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