Chris Earl Resigns from Pipe Bands Australia

Resignation letter: ‘Pipe Bands Australia, as with any organisation, should and must always be in the collective best interests of all members. To serve those members in the advancement of aspirations and by giving a voice to the many who prefer making music to attending meetings dictates that individual sacrifices are made of a vocational, personal and financial nature – without hesitation – in honouring the principles and tenets of service to others.

‘To the best of my abilities, and within the parameters of collegiate teamwork, that has been my focus over the past five years during which it has been an honour serve as president of the organisation. “There have been numerous challenges, some stirred from a previously dormant existence, others arising in a more contemporary and current environment that have tested resolve, commitment and strength well beyond levels of endurance that could have been predicted or reasonably expected.

By Chris Earl, former President, PBA

‘My professional circumstances have changed dramatically in the last nine months and greatly reduced, indeed limited, time available for devotion to those things that have brought enjoyment to life, and when combined with actions of some in society that have had a severe and untold impact on myself and those nearest and dearest to me, my family, time and energy have dissipated.

‘Family and close confidantes in the pipe band community were aware of an impending announcement by me. Developments this week have only brought forward the timing by a week or two. “Therefore, I formally resign as president of Pipe Bands Australia effective 7 September 2020 and allow councillors time prior to or at the annual general meeting to determine a successor and to enable an handover of dignity and fluency as much as may be permitted.’

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