Editor’s Notes: Lockdown Challenge/ Fèis Ross/ Princess Diana Tune/ US Coast Guard Book/ David’s Painting

Another week goes by; the trial continues. But pipers (and drummers) are responding, the internet alive with endeavours and challenges. I was pleased the Piobaireachd Society’s own received such a hearty welcome. Hopefully the tunes will continue throughout the lockdown.

Organiser in chief is Dr Peter McCalister and he has nominated PS member Callum Wynd to play next. Who will Callum nominate?

Dr Peter McCalister braves the cold to play part of Lament for Patrick Og MacCrimmon in the Piobaireachd Society’s Lockdown Challenge

Following a couple of queries, I must point out that the Piping Press Online Shop and Piobaireachd Society Online Shop are still operational. We have a postal system which is drop off: no human contact necessary.

Still on the positive, Dingwall-based Fèis Ross have organised ‘an online event which can be enjoyed by people of all ages, from all around the world’. 

The very first ‘Virtual Fèis Rois’ will take place from Friday 1st May – Sunday 3rd May via Facebook Live and will see pipers, fiddlers and Gaelic singers entertain online. Visit www.feisrois.org and  www.facebook.com/feisrois for more.

On the down, we have the cancellation of the Bagpipe Association of Germany (BAG) annual summer school at Breuberg and Iain Boyd writes from Nova Scotia to say that the Antigonish Games held every July have been postponed till next year.

Reader Sasha Egan writes: ‘I am looking for a readable copy of the piobaireachd by John Partanen called The Lament for Princess Diana which was published in 1998. Could you possibly direct me to a resource where I can obtain a copy of the sheet music, either physical or digital?’

I didn’t know there was such a tune Sasha, but I am sure someone out there will be able to help. If anyone has a copy please forward it and we’ll pass on.

Kevin Gilheany, founder of the U.S. Coast Guard Pipe Band, has produced a memoir just published by University of North Texas Press. The blurb reads: ‘Growing up in New York City, Kevin never learned how to swim. He was also overweight and drank a bit too much. But he never gave up his two childhood dreams: to join the U.S. Coast Guard and to play the bagpipes.

‘Not only did he achieve both…….. he left a legacy on the U.S. Coast Guard…… When asked to play the bagpipes for a fellow Coast Guardsman who was dying from cancer, Kevin began efforts to have bagpipers officially recognized by the Coast Guard, which ultimately led to him founding the U.S. Coast Guard Pipe Band. He has chronicled his experiences in his memoir ‘Minding the Helm – An Unlikely Career in the U.S. Coast Guard’.’ Contact Kevin for copies.

Irish psychologist Dr Anthony Clare: ‘For happiness, live in the moment, cultivate a passion, belong to something………..’

Another super lockdown contribution from artist and pipe major David Bruce (detail up top):

David writes: ‘This is the fruit of this week’s endeavour. It is painted in oils on canvas and these are the pipes I made in the foreground. It is inspired by the fact that we are not able to travel any time soon, so hopefully it is in keeping with the spirit of the challenge.

‘I will call this one ‘Happy Place’ and I would like to thank you once again for hosting this challenge and inspiring me to paint again because I’m really enjoying myself.’

Thank you very much for that David; judge Robert Mathieson is going to have his work cut out when it comes to judging the painting/ drawing section of the PP Lockdown Challenge.

To all readers, keep the artwork, essays (wasn’t that a good piece by Brodie yesterday), and tunes coming. Don’t hide your talent under a tartan rug of self doubt. Get to work now! Beat the Lockdown! Create!

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  1. Where might I be able to get a copy of the print of the bagpipes and martini glasses?

    It’s right up my alley !

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