Lonach Gathering Results

Michael Laing, Pipe Sergeant of the Lonach Pipe Band, playing in the competition for Lonach Society members which he won today

Warmish sunny day at Lonach in Strathdon. Twelve played in the seniors.

1. Calum Brown 
2. Greig Canning 
3. Anna Kummerlöw
4. George Taylor 
5. John MacDonald
6. Duncan Watson 
Judges: James Hamilton, Archie Maclean, Ian Duncan

1. Ross Shand
2. Calum Brown
3. Greig Canning 
4. Ross Miller
5. Anna Kummerlöw 
6. Jeffrey Lawson

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Strathspey & Reel
1. Calum Brown
2. Ross Miller
3. Greig Canning 
4. George Taylor 
5. Anna Kummerlöw 
6. Jeffrey Lawson

Willie Grant composition 
1. Greig Canning, Doune of Invernochty 
2. Calum Brown, Doune of Invernochty
3. Ross Shand, Lonach Gathering 
4. Gordon Barclay, Monadh Gowan
5. Jeffrey Lawson, Lonach Gathering
6. Ross Miller, Doune of Invernochty 
Judges: Duncan Watson, Jack Taylor

Under 18 Piobaireachd 
1. Campbell Wilson
2. Calan Daniels
3. Graig Mitchell
4. Jake Robertson 
Judges: Ronald Maclean, Jack Taylor

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