Highland Bagpipe Centre Plan Announced

A pipemaker has launched a crowdfunding campaign to raise £45,000 for a ‘Highland Bagpipe Centre’.

The centre would be at Culloden near Inverness, close to the site of the battlefield of 1746.

A spokesman for the firm involved, Burgess Bagpipes, said: ‘It is usually a surprise when we tell people that there are three different types of bagpipe used in Scotland today.

‘They are amazed at how differently they look and sound. It’ll be a place to learn about how bagpipes are made, what they sound like and how they are played.

‘Visitors will have a fully immersive experience as we passionately share our history, tradition and culture.’

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Jo Robinson, Visit Scotland Regional Director, showed support for the upcoming project stating, ‘The Highland Bagpipe Centre is a fantastic example of how Scottish culture and heritage can be packaged to offer a unique product that matches consumer demand.

‘The centre would provide exactly the kind of high quality, authentic experience outlined in the national tourism strategy which lays out Scotland’s collective ambition to be recognised as a destination of first choice. Visit Scotland welcomes the development of the Highland Bagpipe Centre.’

The plan is that the first phase of the bagpipe centre will include a manufacturing and visitor experience including piping archive, museum, exhibition and shop.

The campaign will run for 21 days from 23rd November 2018. Backers can choose different levels of support and as a result will receive rewards tailored to pipers and non pipers alike. https://www.crowdfunder.co.uk/highland-bagpipe-centre

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2 thoughts on “Highland Bagpipe Centre Plan Announced

    1. The site is in the Culloden area of Inverness a couple of miles from the Battlefield in the boundary of Inverness City and will have no effect on the Battlefield. Cheers

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