New Mentoring Project for Pipe Bands Launched

My name is Jason Briscoe – I’m a piper with over 25 years of Grade 1 pipe band experience. I’ve been fortunate to play in some of the best bands in the world, most recently Scottish Power, and now I’m hungry to pass my years of experience and expertise on and prepare the next generation of pipe bands for the world stage.

Say hello to The High Note – a fully immersive mentorship and support programme exclusively for Grade 3, 4 and Juvenile pipe bands.

We’re looking for bands that have the promise, energy and enthusiasm to go the distance. Every year, we’ll insert two Grade 1 calibre players each year to join the bands’ ranks from January 1st in preparation for the World Pipe Band Championships, working closely with the band to improve their knowledge of the instrument, music, technique, ensemble and band presentation.

This year, I’m partnering with my good friend and ex-Boghall & Bathgate snare drummer Gleren Meneghin. Gleren has several years of Grade 1 pipe band experience and is also a previous winner of Best Drum Corps at the World Pipe Band Championships.

We’re now accepting nominations with the winning band announced 1st January 2019. You can nominate your own band or someone else’s who you feel could use the opportunity and leadership. Here’s what’s included:
  • Two Grade 1 musicians Our vision is to build a recurring network of top-level pipers and drummers who each year donate their time and talents to help mentor and advance pipe bands around the world.
  • Monthly video workshop check-ins. Much like a fitness routine, we’ll tailor a structured and focused plan to ensure we make the most amount of progress throughout the year possible.

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  • Review and tweak scores, arrangements and ensemble. We’re here to collaborate and help improve your current scores, arrangements and harmonies, where necessary, with a focused effort on band presentation and ensemble.
  • A performance at Glasgow’s Piping Live! Festival. Piping Live! has generously provided us with a staged performance – an opportunity that most pipe bands would never otherwise see or experience.
  • Compete at the World Pipe Band Championships with the band. We’re right by your side the week of the Worlds to ensure the culmination of our combined efforts is at its best on the big day.
  • 100% free!
Gleren Meneghin

Our mission is to ‘kick it back’ and empower the piping community from the ground up – focusing on those bands that simply don’t have access to top-tier leadership. 

Mentors will cover their own travel and accommodation expenses with zero costs to the selected pipe band.

We’re already thinking ahead and looking for our 2020 leaders. If you’re interested in helping advance piping and drumming talent around the world, we’d also love to hear from you.

Lastly, there’s one more thing. Throughout the year, we’ll use The High Note to raise money and help advance music education for kids around the world. The foundation or charity will change each year with the continuing hope of empowering next generation musicians.

If you want to find out more or get involved, please get in touch at or please visit

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3 thoughts on “New Mentoring Project for Pipe Bands Launched

  1. I would love to know how to contact Jason Briscoe as his composition of “Hector the Hero” is an absolutely haunting melody that I would love to possibly get a copy of. I currently play James Scott Skinner’s version which is great but Jason’s is brilliant. If anyone know Jason and reads this could you please pass this onto him. My email address is listed below my name.

    Bill Swift

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