Arisaig Games Results

A very pleasant day on the beautiful west coast. Champion Piper James MacKenzie (r) is pictured with Ceol Beag Champion, Finlay Cameron.

1 James MacKenzie
2 Jonathan Simpson
3 Andrew Hall
4 Finlay Cameron
5 Connor Kellett
Judge: A Maclean

1 Jonathan Simpson
2 Finlay Cameron
3 James MacKenzie
4 Calum MacColl

1 Finlay Cameron
2 James MacKenzie
3 Jonathan Simpson
4 Connor Kellett

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1 Andrew Hall
2 James MacKenzie
3 Finlay Cameron
4 Fraser Allison
Ceol beag judge: I MacFadyen

Arisaig Challenge Cup for Piobaireachd: James MacKenzie
Canon Iain Gillies Memorial Trophy: James MacKenzie
Neil Smart Trophy for Ceol Beag: Finlay Cameron

Junior Piping
1 Ciaran Kellett
2 Andrew Orr
3 Logie Johnston

1 Ciaran Kellett
2 Andrew Orr
3 Ronald McIntosh
Cameron-Head Cup for Junior Piping: Ciaran Kellett

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