Inveraray Games Results (Further Updates)

Overcast day at Argyll’s capital for the annual games. Contest for P/A, B and C grade pipers and the Piping Centre’s CLASP amateur league. Champion Piper Angus MacColl is pictured earlier in the season after his success at Blair Atholl.

‘A’ Piob
1 Angus MacColl Snr
2 Jonathan Greenlees
3 Sarah Muir
4 Connor Sinclair
5 Alasdair Henderson
6 Angus MacColl Jnr

‘A’ March
1 Angus MacColl Snr
2 Alasdair Henderson
3 Allan Russell
4 Jenny Hazzard
5 Peter McGregor
6 Connor Sinclair

‘A’ S&R
1 Angus MacColl Snr
2 Alasdair Henderson
3 Finlay Johnston
4 Ben Duncan
5 Donald MacPhee
6 Steven Leask

B Piob
1 Kris Coyle

Don’t miss this wonderful evening of ceol. mor…..

B March
1 Ciaren Ross
2 Ross Millar
3 Jonathan Simpson
4 Andrew Hall
5 Kris Coyle
6 Callum Wynd

1 Daniel McDermott
2 Gavin Ferguson
3 John Dew
4 Kris Coyle
5 Ross Millar
6 Jonathan Simpson

C Piob
1 Ross Millar
2 Bob Low
3 Finlay MacLeod

Judges: I MacFadyen, M McRae

C March
1 Andrew Ferguson
2 Eireann Ianetta-MacKay
3 Ben Mulhearn
4 Maël Sicard-Cras
5 Andrew Yu
6 Andrew Bell

1 Eireann Ianetta-MacKay
2 Finlay MacLeod
3 Andrew Ferguson
4 Ben Mulhearn
5 Maël Sicard-Cras
6 Lewis Russell

Open U18


1st Brodie Watson-Massey (Battle of the Pass of Crieff)

2nd Anna Smart

3rd Tomas Young

4th Ross Conner


1st Anna Smart

2nd Gregor MacDonald

3rd Brodie Watson-Massey

4th Ross Conner


1st Ross Conner

2nd Brodie Watson-Massey

3rd Gregor MacDonald

4th Tomas Young

Overall U18 – Brodie Watson-Massey

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