Pipe Major's Job in Australia/ Ulster Scots Juveniles Concert/ Jock MacPhee, HLI

Queensland Police in Australia are looking for a Pipe Major. To be based in Brisbane, the job specification reads: ‘You will provide supportive leadership, direction and coordination of the musical selection and performance of the Queensland Police Pipes and Drums (QPP&D), and contribute to strengthening relationships between the Queensland Police Service (QPS) and the community through engagement and crime prevention initiatives.’
The job is full-time, ‘permanent’, paying a max. of $80,363 (£45,000 approx. per annum). Duties as outlined: ‘Coordinate the musical selection and performance of the QPP&D. Provide leadership, supervision, advice and support to all QPP&D members. 
Conduct musical rehearsals, live performances and perform duties as a professional musician within the QPP&D. Compose, source or redraft musical scores, coordinate musical instruction to Pipers and provide direction to the QPP&D. Coordinate the maintenance of instruments and equipment. Identify and assist the Officer in Charge, QPP&D, to implement appropriate strategies to support the QPS Inclusion and Diversity Plan. Plan, coordinate, undertake, implement and evaluate QPP&D activities to support the Officer in Charge in the review and monitoring of staff performance, training, development and resources to align with the QPS strategic direction. Respond, in conjunction with the Officer in Charge, to emerging requirements that impact on operational functions of the QPP&D. Market and promote the QPS within the community.’ Job details here.

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After final tuition on the day by Pipe Major Andy McGregor, the Ulster-Scots Agency Juvenile Pipe Band took part in the ‘I Love Burns Night’ concert in the Waterfront Hall, Belfast on Saturday 27th January.  Nineteen young pipers and nineteen young drummers, under the direction of Alec Brown (Senior Pipe Major), Ian Burrows (Piping Tutor), Russell Tinney (Drum Tutor) and Kerry Doherty (Tenor Tutor), had the honour of performing with the Ulster Orchestra & Friends including John Logan (Conductor) and traditional music favourites Phil Cunningham (Accordion) and Aly Bain (Fiddle). This ultimate Burns Night event, celebrating the cultural links between Scotland and Northern Ireland, was presented in association with the Ulster-Scots Agency.

The band on stage

We are grateful to Cailean Maclean, Skye, for forwarding the main photograph up top. It is from a newspaper clipping and the caption reads: ‘Jock MacPhee of the Highland Light Infantry listens with the critical ear of experience to the playing of a young entrant. The aspirant asked MacPhee for an audition before the start of the Trotternish Games, one of the special features of Skye Week, and later, playing MacPhee’s pipes, he won the piping competition.’
Here is the full picture:
‘Cailean writes: ‘This cutting was passed on to me by a lady from the Trotternish area of Skye. The Trotternish Games, I believe,  took place in Uig for a number of years during the 1950s. Dr Allan MacDonald, a noted singer and piper for whom a march was composed (was it by Dr John MacInnes, Donald MacLeod Bk 3?) was to the fore in setting up the Games there. My question is about piper Jock MacPhee – it would be interesting to hear more about him and his piping achievements.’
Indeed it would Cailean and we hope our readers can help.
The Editor writes: ‘The tune in Donald MacLeod Book 3 is indeed Dr Allan MacDonald with composer given as ‘J M MacInnes, Glenelg’. He may be the Dr John MacInnes Cailean is referring to. The tune is a classic 2/4 in the minor key and deserves to be heard much more than it is.’ Click here to learn it:

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