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A real taste of the season to come from yesterday’s posting on the major championship tune requirements for next year. Proof again that the RSPBA are really on the ball and thanks to them for providing the info in such good time.
Just to keep the look-back feel going, here is a small selection of pix from last year’s Worlds. Check them out and see if you figure. We’ll have more later. Click on the picture of your choice to read more about the day at Glasgow Green:[wds id=”43″]

My attention has been drawn to a posting (and not by Barry Donaldson I might add) on Colin MacLellan’s Facebook page. It refers to the well-known GB Shaw aphorism.
Given Mr MacLellan’s comments about Mr Donaldson, it is, at best, in bad taste; at worst grossly insulting: Interesting that Canada-based RSPBA adjudicator Mr Ken Eller offers the ‘Classic ….Colin’ comment and chooses to ‘like’ Mr MacLellan’s posting (that’s what the thumbs up means I’m told). Ken may have to share a competition arena with Mr Donaldson next summer as the latter has recently been confirmed a member of the RSPBA’s Adjudicators Panel. Ken is such a decent chap; I can’t understand him getting involved in this.
Clearly from the comment by Robin Beck readers of Mr MacLellan’s Facebook page know who he is referring to. The Iain MacDonald who chips in must not be confused with the double Gold Medallist Ian K MacDonald of Ontario. The author of the ‘skunk’ comment is an Iain MacDonald, Saskatchewan, P/M of the City of Regina Pipe Band.

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The Piping Centre has announced the dates of their Duncan Johnstone Memorial competition for B&C Grade pipers: March 10 2017. Entries are via the Competing Pipers’ Association.
The Centre’s Junior Competition is on Feb 24. Closing date for entries is Friday 3rd February 2018. Entry fees are £3 per event. Entries will be taken on a first-come, first-served basis. Priority will be given where payment accompanies entries. Generally, entries will be limited to 30 in each event. More here.

I don’t know much about the Gordon Duncan Experience but it sounds like a lot of fun and a chance to enjoy Gordon’s unique music. Youngsters wishing to take part have only until January 5 to register. Here’s a link. The blurb: ‘The Gordon Duncan Experience is a unique youth trad orchestra, as at home playing traditional tunes by ear as it is in working on complex scored arrangements. Although the style is based in the Scottish tradition it also draws from other musical genres such as jazz, classical, and rock. The ensemble includes a wide range of instruments, not just those normally associated with this style of music. The Gordon Duncan Experience is named after innovative Perthshire piper Gordon Duncan and much of the repertoire derives from arrangements of his tunes.’

We always like to leave you smiling if we can and here is a picture supplied by South Africa correspondent Nicholas Taitz. Don’t know if this particular brew is available here, though it says made in Scotland. Ceol mor fans will get the connection right away. The ‘Piper’s Warning to His Master’ name is also the title of a piobaireachd. The tradition is that the tune’s odd construction was contrived ex tempore to warn the piper’s clan chief of impending incursion by the enemy.

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2 thoughts on “PP Editor's Blog: Worlds Pix Gallery/ Bad Taste on Fb/ NPC Contests/ Gordon Duncan/ Strange Brew

  1. The thumbs up beside Ken’s name means that other people have liked his (Ken’s) comment, not that he has “liked” the post in question. Given the ambiguity inherent in his comment, some care in ascribing his motivations might be sensible.

    1. There is no ambiguity. The posting is distasteful and Ken has put his name to it. RW

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