Pipe Bands Australia Announce New Hall of Fame

PBA have sent this: Nominations are now open for four new prestigious awards within Pipe Bands Australia to recognise outstanding contributions and achievements of members to advancing performance, education and promotion on a national scale. 
The Pipe Bands Australia Hall of Fame will initially see the induction of 12 legends of the movement followed by the inclusion of up to two new legends every two years.
PBA president Chris Earl said: ‘Our movement has been well served by many outstanding musicians, teachers and leaders for more than a century, those whose influence has extended well beyond a particular band or area.
‘The Hall of Fame will provide tangible recognition of those outstanding contributions by people over more than a century while also creating a new sense of pride and awareness within our movement for the evolving journey of achievement travelled by our bands and players that constantly guides our direction for the future.

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‘Along with the three new outstanding services awards, the Hall of Fame will allow us to join in celebrating the legacies of the past and those created in contemporary times.’
While length of service will not be a defining criteria for induction to the Hall of Fame, national council in adopting the concept at its conference in September agreed 30 years was to be a guide.
The other new awards are for the promotion of pipe bands, pipe band music and performance (including composition and arrangement) and education and training. Like the Hall of Fame, there will initially be up to 12 awards in each category and subsequently up to two awards every two years.

Chris Earl

‘As these are national awards, the nomination and review process will be focused on a demonstration of the influence and benefits across the country,’ Mr Earl said.
The awards complete the recent introduction of policies to recognise service by members of Pipe Bands Australia. Last year, 25-year and 50-year service certificates became available for bands and major awards at the Australian Pipe Band Championships and Australian Solo Drumming Championships now honour significant personalities in the history of the movement.
Nomination forms for the Hall of Fame and outstanding service awards can be downloaded from www.pipebandsaustralian.com.au or from branch secretaries. Nominations for the initial awards close on 31 January when they will be reviewed by panels drawn from members of national council.

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