Mallaig & Morar Results (picture added)

Seven played but a very high standard; cloudy then rainy conditions. Champion Piper Derek Midgley (r) is pictured above with Ceol Mor winner Dr Peter McCalister.

Piob: Judge Archie Maclean
1 Peter McCallister
2 Derek Midgley
3 Ursa Beckford
4 Anna Kummerlow

March: (LM Judge Iain MacFadyen)
1 Derek Midgley
2 Anna Kummerlow
3 Ursa Beckford
4 Craig Martin

1 John Angus Smith
2 Derek Midgley
3 Alan Clark
4 Peter McCallister

1 Ursa Beckford
2 John Angus Smith
3 Derek Midgley
4 Peter McCallister

Overall Piper of the Day; Derek Midgley

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