Aboyne Highland Games Results (updated)

Very sunny with only the odd shower to spoil the day for the large crowd. They were thrilled when a surprise visit was paid to the gathering by Her Majesty The Queen, this to mark their 150th anniversary. Seventeen pipers played in the open categories. Pictured above is Champion Piper Allan Russell.

Piping Convenor Dr Jack Taylor adds: ‘Sunny day with a cooling breeze enough to set the flags fluttering.  And the hearts of the committee were fluttering in anticipation of the visit of HM The Queen. The ground of Queen Elizabeth’s Salute was played to an expectant packed arena just before her car entered the Millenium Gates to be greeted by the massed bands led by D/M Bill Barclay playing Scotland the Brave. The Queen dedicated the new cabar before meeting committee members and dignitaries. She then settled down to watch as the competitions restarted. In the piping it was a supreme day for Allan Russell, a faithful attender over many years.’

1. Allan Russell, Earl of Seaforth’s Salute
2. Raphael Mercier (Saskatchewan), The Vaunting
3. Anna Kummerlöw
4. Eddie Gaul
5. Kevin MacLean (Vancouver)
Judges:  James Hamilton, Malcolm McRae, Stewart Samson

1. Allan Russell
2. Robbie MacIsaac
3. Anna Kummerlöw
4. Calum Brown

HM The Queen departs from the games field after a memorable day at Aboyne

1. Allan Russell
2. Calum Brown
3. Andrew Donlon
4. Robbie MacIsaac
Judges: Ian Duncan, Bill Wotherspoon.

1. Calum Brown
2. Andrew Donlon
3. Robbie MacIsaac
4. Eddie Gaul
Judges: Logan Tannock, Jack Taylor

Junior Piob
1 Jordan Ednie
2 Liam Brown
3 Lee Taylor
4 Jamie MacRae

March U-14
1 Liam Brown
2 Duncan MacDonald
3 Tom Blackhall
4 Stuart Patterson

March Local
1 Jamie McPetrie
2 Tom Blackhall
3 Andrew Yeats
4 Lee Taylor

S&R Local
1 James McPetrie
2 Tom Blackhall
3 Ciara Anderson
4 Andrea Yates

MSR U-18
1 Jordan Ednie
2 Jamie MacRae
3 Liam Brown

MSR U-18 Local
1 Liam Brown
2 Ciara Anderson
3 Lee Taylor
Judges for the Juniors: Logan Tannock and Duncan Watson

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  1. In local M and local S&R. Andrew Yeats should be Andrea Yates. In S&R local Gemma Anderson should be Ciara Anderson.

  2. Slight corrections: junior piob. 1st Jordan Ednie. Local u18 MSR. 2nd. Ciara Anderson.

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