North Berwick Pipe Band Contest Results

From our correspondent in the (muddy) field with brightening sky…..On a bright sunny morning and early afternoon (yes, really), the east coast competition was well attended with over 80 band performances.

A little shower at one stage, the breeze kept it ‘Moving Cloud’ until around 4pm when the wind picked up and the sky darkened. And boy oh boy did the Pipe Band Club (Australia) get the worst of it so far (see photo). Thereafter it rained heavily and the Grade 1/2 MSR field reduced. Similarly the Grade 1 Medley.

The organisers took the sensible decision to cut the March Past and prize giving was curtailed to Drum Majors, Pipe Majors and Lead Drummers. In true Scottish summer weather, the sun split the sky at 5pm. Unique to see liquid being expelled from the collective silverware before presentation, rather than poured into it afterwards.

Doubling up of some grades and ‘playing up’ gave bands the opportunity to play both Medley and March, Strathspey & Reel sets.

Many of these bands march on to Bridge of Allan tomorrow to be joined by others where a more inclement full day is forecast from 11am in the Stirlingshire town.  Another great day of competition to look forward to as bands fine tune for the big one next Saturday. And so much going on between then and now.

Grade 1 Medley
1 Johnstone
2 Boghall & Bathgate
3 78th Fraser Highlanders
4 Buchan Peterson
Drumming: Johnstone

Overall Grade 1 – Boghall & Bathgate

Grade 1/2 MSR
1 Boghall & Bathgate
2 Glasgow Police
3 78th Fraser’s, Ontario, Canada
4 Johnstone
Drumming: Boghall

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Grade 2 Medley
1 Glasgow Skye Association
2 Lomond & Clyde
3 St Thomas Alumni USA
4 Pipe Band Club, Australia
Drumming: Glasgow Skye

Runners-up Lomond and Clyde today at North Berwick

Grade 3
1 Royal Burgh of Annan
2 Wallacestone & District
The Highlanders, 4 Scots
4 Hamilton Police, Ontario, Canada
Drumming: Royal Burgh of Annan (this was announced incorrectly as Hamilton Police ).

1 George Watson’s College
2 George Heriot’s School
3 Robert Malcolm Memorial, BC, Canada
4 West Lothian Schools
Drumming – George Watson’s College

1 Dunbar RBL
2 Denny & Dunipace Gleneagles
3 Kamloops, Canada
4 Johnstone
Drumming: Denny & Dunipace Gleneagles

Grade 4A/Nov Juv A
1 George Watson’s College
2 George Heriot’s School
3 People’s Ford Boghall & Bathgate
Drumming: George Watson’s College

Grade 4B/Nov Juv B
1 Stockbridge
2 Davidson Mains & District
3 College of Piping, Summerside, Canada
4 Stow Borders
Drumming: Davidson Mains & District

Drill & Turnout – Preston Lodge

Another well covered event by the @rspbahq twitter feed and video team. What a great step forward that whole service has been this season. Full results and scores available on the RSPBA website.

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