Pipers and Drummers wanted for Tattoo 2017/ Copenhagen Winter Competition

Major Stevie Small MBE, Project Officer for the Pipers’ Trail, is looking for pipers and drummers who want to play at this year’s spectacular Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo. Major Small, recently retired as Director of Army Bagpipe Music, said: ‘This is a tremendous opportunity to take part in the world famous Tattoo and Pipers’ Trail is now recruiting for 2017! Pipers and drummers of all ages and backgrounds are welcome.’ 

The blurb reads: ‘The Pipers’ Trail promotes Scottish heritage, culture and traditional music, especially amongst young people. It aims to support and deliver better teaching of the Great Highland Bagpipe in the community while reinforcing the development of an appropriate piping, drumming and dancing capability for broad community purposes, for the Services, the Scottish diaspora, and indeed for future Tattoos.

‘Whether it’s an opportunity for individual pipers, drummers and dancers – young and old – to take part in the Tattoo, outside the traditional bands and groups; or a sustainable network of piping, drumming and dancing capability, or the chance to build connections within the national and international piping, drumming and dancing communities; or just to support and encourage bagpiping, drumming and dancing: The Pipers’ Trail is for you.’

For more info visit www.thepiperstrail.com or email PipersTrail@edintattoo.co.uk; phone +44 (0) 131 225 4783; address The Tattoo Office, 1-3 Cockburn Street, Edinburgh EH1 1QB

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‘On February 25th-26th 2017 the Copenhagen Winter Competition (CWC) will again take place just outside the capital of the Kingdom of Denmark. The competition has a long history of being a core element of the Scandinavian piping and drumming scene. During the last decade or two, a number of individuals have risen from Scandinavia to become members of top grade 1 bands, with their names also appearing on some of the prizelists on the Scottish solo scene.

‘Those players would, no doubt, ascribe a good portion of their competitive development to the CWC. For about 20 years, the numbers of competitors has declined. However, with the introduction of prize money as big as £1000 to the overall winners of the professional piping and snare drumming events, we have turned this around. We hope to continually welcome more players, to ensure that this competition will have a bright future in providing future generations of piping and drumming talent to have a serious competitive platform, with quality judging.

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‘In addition to what is surely one of the largest prize funds in the piping and drumming scene, McCallum Bagpipes will be sponsoring lots of additional piping products. We are extremely grateful to McCallum Bagpipes. Their support and contribution to CWC makes a huge difference to us. The fact that we get to offer products of the highest quality to our prize winners, makes everything much more fun. The CWC is known not only for the competition itself, but also for the unique atmosphere of the Saturday night party, which takes place at the venue after the competition.

‘Players from the UK and other European countries can fly to Denmark so cheaply now, that there’s just no excuse not to come over and compete!  In addition, the CWC is an important opportunity for those in Denmark and Scandinavia, who aspire to playing at a higher level, to meet players from abroad, to watch and learn from some top solo performances and to generally take on board new techniques or perspectives.’ 

Registration for the CWC is now open at www.copenhagenwintercompetition.com/signup/
It is possible for competitors to sleep at the venue for as little as £12 for the full weekend, incl. breakfast.



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  1. Rab – as someone who experienced last year’s CWC I can say from experience: it is a great event – with good people, even ;-). Copenhagen is a great place, the atmosphere is fantastic. Not that it matters, but the prize money is excellent, too – go for it, I say. M

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