City of Whitehorse Band Call it Quits

city-of-white-horse-logoFollowing the controversy surrounding the City of Whitehorse Pipe Band in Australia the band management have decided to cease operations with immediate effect.

In a statement the band say: ‘Without prejudice: Whitehorse Band Management to Cease Operations of Pipe Band. It is with regret that band management has chosen to cease the operations of the band. Band management met on the weekend and has just made an internal announcement to the players within the band. Miraculously we still have the entire cohort from the Australian Championships on board and willing to keep going as a competitive piping and drumming group. Unfortunately management just cannot continue to do this feasibly given current climate in PBA [Pipe Bands Australia].

‘Some home truths: Contrary to PBA’s own statements, the band and/or suspended members were never communicated to regarding having former members previously suspended or otherwise assisting the band with competing (and NOT competing) would result in sanctions and/or disqualifications. There is nowhere where this was communicated until after the fact. In fact PBA denied the suspended members from re-registering with the association and confirmed its termination of those memberships.

‘Given the climate and personnel, we have chosen to cease operations until a change of sentiment and personnel comes about. We wish every player in our band every success in the future