PP Ed’s Blog: Charity Figures/ Ross’s Baby/ Duncan MacDougall/ London Reminder

The Office of Scottish Charities Register (OSCR) has made the following account details concerning the College of Piping, the National Piping Centre and the Piping Live festival available to the public.  

The College of Piping show an income of £544,896 and outgoings of £609,356 – a deficit of £64,460 – in their latest figures posted on 29th January this year. The National Piping Centre show an income of £2,157,165 and outgoings of £2,144,203 – a surplus of £12,962 – in their latest figures posted September 14.

In the past two years the College of Piping has hired a new editor for  their magazine the Piping Times, a new General Manager and a new Director of Piping.

The Piping Centre has seen changes in teaching personnel but the management of the Centre remains as before.

The Piping Live festival, run by the National Piping Centre, shows an income of £215,303 and outgoings of £240,487 – a deficit of £25,184 – on figures posted on 11th July this year.

Here are the relevant graphs:

The College of Piping’s figures
The National Piping Centre’s figures
The Pipjng Live! figures
The Piping Live figures

The other main registered piping charity in Scotland is the Royal Scottish Pipe Band Association. They make their accounts public each year in the order papers for the Association’s Annual General Meeting held in March. Their figures to 31st December 2015 showed a surplus of £114,452 on an income of £632,270. Confirmation of these figures is also available via the OSCR website.

What a year it has been for Ross Cowan, Pipe Major of the North Lanarkshire Schools Pipe Band. Firstly his band wins the Novice ‘A’ title at the Worlds and then he becomes a proud dad! Ross’s wife Claire gave birth to Charlotte Louise (7lb 6oz) early on Sunday morning. Heartiest congratulations to them both.

Charlotte Louise and proud dad
Charlotte Louise and proud dad

Two new letters published today. The first is from the daughter of the late P/M Robert Pinkman of the KOSB and the second includes pictures of the famous pipemaker Duncan MacDougall and the Breadalbane pipers in the 1870s. Read the letters here. Duncan is pictured up top and here:duncan-macdougall

Reminder: London Entries close September 30 – only three days from now. If you are making the journey south and have not already entered you need to move quickly. Entries can be done by email. Click here for info.