SPA KO/ Letters re 6/8 Marches/ British PB Champs Entries

spa logoPresident Tom Johnstone of the Scottish Pipers’ Association on the latest semi-final of the SPA KO: ‘Both players gave superb performances tonight (Sat, April 2) and the audience vote went to Stuart Liddell.

‘Steven Leask lost the toss and played first, and played exceedingly well. Stuart started and finished his performance with what seems to have become his trademark – marching in playing and marching out playing at the end.
‘The musical performance and finger dexterity in between were outstanding. The final will be held on Saturday 7th May and features

John Patrick  vs  Stuart Liddell. Both are former winners of the contest.’

Champion piper….Stuart is pictured above after winning the Bratach Gorm, London, in 2007, the SPA KO in 2005 and the Silver Medal at Inverness in 1995.

New letters posted today following our feature on 6/8 marches. Here’s part of one: ‘Mr. Wallace, Thanks for the great article on 6/8 marches.  I agree with you that the 6/8 is an unjustly neglected and mishandled piece of our music. I went on a bit of a 6/8 tear six months ago.  Hungry to learn more about the Strathclyde Police PB during their glory years, I found mention on one of the forum sites of the ‘five 6/8s’ played by the ‘Polis’…………..

Read more here.

Entries for the British Pipe Band Championships, the first major fo the season, close on Wednesday evening. Go to to enter online and to register your band for the 2016 season.

The British are on May 21 at a new venue, the St James Playing Fields, Paisley, a short distance from Glasgow Airport. Read about the venue here.

Judges on duty are as follows:Judges

Grade 1 bands will submit two medleys, Grade 2 two MSRs and 3a and 3b will play a medley.

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