Glasgow Police Recording Now Available/ New Letter

CDMON_896The long-awaited recording of the Glasgow Police’s much-lauded concert during World’s Week 2014 is now available for purchase. A statement issued by the band reads: ‘Greater Glasgow Police Pipe Band are pleased to announce that the ‘Ceolry’  CD album has now been released.

‘We trust that you will find the music contained therein will reflect the fantastic display and atmosphere at Glasgow Concert Hall in August last year where an exciting and wide variety of bagpipe music was performed accompanied by many top artists. So we recommend this disc to you and know that it will become a prized possession.

Correspondent Hector Russell has sent us a new letter which is a good follow-up to yesterday’s missing trophies article. In it Hector recounts a chance meeting with the late Ronnie Lawrie and we discover what a good memory the big man had and also a lot about previous winners of the SPA’s prestigious MacDougall Gillies piobaireachd competition. Read it here.

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