Springbank Invitational

Three of today’s champion pipers, Roderick Macleod, Stuart Liddell, William McCallum pictured at the Glenfiddich Championship

This prestigious competition run by the Kintyre Piping Society was held today in the Seafield Hotel, Campbeltown. Sponsor is Springbank Malt Whisky
Piob: 1 Stuart Liddell, Lament for the Laird of Anapool 2 Roderick MacLeod, Isabel MacKay 3 Iain Speirs, Donald Gruamach 4 Callum Beaumont, Lament for Ronald MacDonald of Morar

1 Angus MacColl
2 William McCallum
3 Roderick MacLeod
4 Callum Beaumont
1 Angus MacColl
2 Gordon Walker
3 Stuart Liddell
4 William McCallum

Judges for all events: Iain MacFadyen, Iain Murdo Morrison, John Wilson