SPA Juvenile Draw

SPA Juvenile Competition Order of Play

Scottish Pipers Association Juvenile Competition, to be held at the College of Piping on Saturday Sept 20th.
Order of Play

9.30am B Grade Piob
1. Callum Davidson
2. Holly Fredlander

10am B M and SR
1. Sean McIlvenny (M only)
2. Jack Mullins
3. Callum Davidson
4. Robert Dick
5. Ben Scott
6. Alexander Anderson
7. Holly Fredlander
8. Euan Thomson (M only)
9. Luke Kennedy
11am B grade prize giving.

11.30am A Grade M and SR
1. Alastair Hutcheon
2. John Campbell
3. Lewis MacLeod Russell
4. James Miller
5. Joshua Townsley
6. Harry McLachlan
7. Donald C Stewart

12.30 lunch break.

1.30pm A Grade Piob
1. John Campbell
2. Donald C Stewart
3. Lewis MacLeod Russell
4. Joshua Townsley
5. James Miller
6. Harry MacLachlan

3pm A Grade Jig.
1. Alastair Hutcheon
2. James Miller
3. Donald C Stewart
4. Joshua Townsley
5. Lewis MacLeod Russell
6. Harry McLachlan

3. 30pm Prize giving.