World Solo Drumming Preview and New Events at Balmoral Classic

World Solo Drumming & International Juvenile Tenor Solo Competition… Choking on his Crunchy Nut Cornflakes, MacStig was taken aback by the sheer volume of entrants for the Adult snare qualifiers as reported on PP. The conclusion must be that snare drumming is in great health and the increased numbers in snare lines in the upper grades (10-12 is now normal), is well reflected in the sheer scale of entries for…

PP Editor’s Blog: John MacFadyen Recording/ Edin. Police Names etc

New recording added to the sound archive today. It’s of John MacFadyen playing Too Long in This Condition complete with open fosgailte. The tune has been made available to PP readers thanks to Chris Terry, Grahamstown, South Africa. John recorded the tune when he was on a visit to the country in the early 70s. Listen here. The above picture shows John leading the march to the games at Glenfinnan….