Pipe Band Judging: Time for a New, More Hi-Tech Approach

I read with interest the good article by Alistair Aitken from 2010 on pipe band adjudication. I suspect that the debate about the effectiveness or ‘fairness’ of judges has gone on since contests began. Our current approach is just the most recent iteration of the traditional hands-on manual method; in which we ask trained adjudicators to use their senses and judgement to come to a ranking of the competing bands….

P/M John Weatherston MBE BEM of Red Hackle Pipe Band

John Barbour concludes his articles on Red Hackle Pipes & Drums with a profile of its best-known Pipe Major. We are grateful to former RSPBA judge John (Ian) Wood for the above picture of P/M Weatherston with the Worlds trophy won at Belfast in 1962…. John Carlton Weatherston was born at 53 Forge St., Garngadhill, Glasgow on July 7th, 1917. His father was a gas works labourer who was a…

Famous Pipe Bands: Red Hackle Pipes & Drums Part 2

The mid-to-late 1950s was a good period for the Red Hackle. The Queen acceded to the throne in 1952 and at the Braemar Gathering where the band was playing, she presented Pipe Major McLeod with the Braemar Gathering Shield in front of the 31,000 people who attended the games that year to celebrate the start of her reign. In October 1953 the first Red Hackle BBC radio broadcast took place….

Famous Pipe Bands: The Story of the Red Hackle Pipes and Drums

This history of the band is based on a combination of historical documents, interviews, and tales told by band members and others. I make no claim for detailed accuracy; and I would welcome corrections and/or additional material. Often referred to as ‘the best band never to have won the Worlds’ the Red Hackle Pipes and Drums was in existence for around 35 years, always as a Grade 1 band. The…