Killin Games Results

A record entry of 28 in the seniors and 14 in the juniors at Breadalbane Park, Killin. This Stirlingshire beauty spot also attracted a large crowd of locals and tourists. The weather was cloudy but mostly dry. Judges reported a high standard among the prizewinners. Pictured is Champion Piper Cameron May, Lesmahagow.

Piob (three tunes)
1 Cameron May, Lament for the Children
2 Mike Fitzhenry, Park Piobaireachd No2
3 John Mulhearn, Lament for the Dead
4 Luke Kennedy, Fair Honey
5 Keith Bowes, I Gave a Kiss to the King’s Hand
6 Steven Gray, Nameless ‘One of the Cragich’

Keith Bowes, fifth in piobaireachd

1 Ciaran Ross
2 Christopher McLeish
3 Cameron May
4 William Geddes
5 Gordon Bruce
6 Connor Sinclair

1 Ciaran Ross
2 Brian Lamond
3 Cameron May
4 Piers Dover
5 William Geddes
6 Luke Kennedy

1 Connor Sinclair
2 Scott MacLean
3 Brian Lamond
4 Luke Kennedy
5 Hector Munro
6 David Bruce

Connor Sinclair at Killin. Connor was the winner of the Jigs

U-14 Piob: 1 Owen McCreadie 2 Callan Erskine
U-14 March: 1 Owen McCreadie 2 Morla Bruce 3 Callan Erskine
U-14 S&R: 1 Owen McCreadie 2 Callan Erskine

Swings and roundabouts, a metaphor for every piping career. Tuning up yesterday at Killin

U-18 Piob: 1 Arran Green 2 Gregor Grierson 3 Ryan McCreadie
U-18 March: 1 Arran Green 2 Fraser Hamilton 3 Gregor Grierson
U-18 S&R: 1 Arran Green 2 Fraser Hamilton 3 Ryan McCreadie
U-18 Jig: 1 Ryan McCreadie 2 Gregor Grierson 3 Fraser Hamilton

Judges: E Anderson, L Barclay, R Clark, B Donaldson, L Tannock, R Wallace

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