Queen Victoria School Seeks New Pipe Major/ Canadian Piping Society Launches Newsletter

The Ministry of Defence are seeking ‘to appoint a Pipe Major who strives to continuously improve the high standards of piping at Queen Victoria School, Dunblane, including ensuring that piping students have opportunities to gain formal (SQA) qualifications in the subject.

‘The Pipe Major will also take an active role in the promotion of Queen Victoria School through regular attendance, along with the whole pipe band and, potentially, the Highland dancing team, at events around the country (and occasionally, abroad). Salary is £26,350 per annum.

‘Founded in 1908, Queen Victoria School (QVS) is set in 45 acres of beautiful Perthshire countryside. We exist to provide stability and continuity of education, within the Scottish system, in a caring but stretching learning environment, valued by the military families whom we serve.

‘With priority given to Scottish Service personnel, and those who have served in Scotland or as part of a Scottish regiment, the school takes around 270 pupils from ages 10/11 to 18. We have a long tradition of ceremonial excellence; we take pride in this and all that our school has to offer. Working at QVS is an exciting experience.’ 

QVS piping class between the Wars

This position is advertised at 37 hours per week. Responsibilities:

• Instruct P7-S2 students, instruct S3-S6 students, run at least two band practices per week outwith normal timetabled time, support key school events such as Parades – six Parade Sundays are held each year – and our annual Grand Day which is held in June at the end of our academic year. 
• Throughout the year, the Pipe Major may be required to work in the evenings and, occasionally, at weekends on Band matters (such as Parades, Piping Competitions and other special events). This element of the job forms an integral part of the full-time role, it is not additional to it. The Pipe Major should actively pursue opportunities for the band to improve (e.g. training camps) or to represent the school at events or competitions. For more information click on the display advert on this page.

Famous alumni associated with QVS are Scots Guards Pipe Majors JB Robertson and Angus MacDonald. Pipe John MacKenzie of the Argylls was its distinguished Pipe Major for many years tutoring leading pipers Dr Angus MacDonald and his brother Allan there in the 1960s and 70s.

President Michael Grey has launched a new newsletter for the Piper’s and Pipe Band Society of Ontario (PPBSO) and also announced the development of a new website.

Michael writes: ‘The newest addition to our communication kit bag: the newsletter, By the Right / Par la droite.

‘The PPBSO communications team… has been firing on all cylinders in using social media and the ppbso.org website to connect with members. In addition to these channels, we know our members also value email as a way to receive information.

By the Right / Par la droite‘ will be distributed every two months or so – and on occasion more frequently as needed. Our aim is to have our members fully informed in a timely way of PPBSO information they need to know.

‘You may wonder as to the bilingual titling of our newsletter. In order to continue to grow and thrive in the 21st century we know the Society needs to evolve to become an organization that is seen to actively welcome all enthusiasts of the music of the pipes and drums.

PPBSO President Michael Grey in his prizewinning days

‘A small signal in this direction is the adoption of both official languages of Canada in our newsletter banner. We are working now to find ways to reach out and introduce the music of the pipes and drums to communities not traditionally associated with the music.

‘You will be interested (if not happy) to know that we are in the development stage of a new ppbso.org website. The current site is in its fifteenth year, virtually unchanged from its original form of 2007. In technology terms you may know fifteen years is positively antique, if not a little creaky. Stay tuned to ppbso.org over the coming months for a fresh, new look to our virtual front door to the world…..’

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