Bratach Gorm Results and Report and Complete London Championship Results

Piobaireachd for the Dr Calum MacCrimmon Bratach Gorm (7 tunes). This contest was held in the Caledonian Club, Belgravia, on the evening of November 5. It is open to Gold Medallists and of the London Gillies Cup for Open Piobaireachd. Eleven entered; two, John Angus Smith and Fred Morrison scratched. As regards other results please keep checking as these will be added as we get them.

1 Glenn Brown (pictured) – The Edinburgh Piobaireachd 
2. Callum Beaumont -The Phantom Piper of the Corrieyairick
3. Finlay Johnston – Battle of Auldearn No. 1
4. Alasdair Henderson – Big Spree
5. Iain Speirs – Lament for MacSwan of Roag 

Judges: I Duncan, A Forbes, S Samson

Our correspondent writes: The 2021 Scottish Piping Society of London Annual Competition got underway on the evening of Friday 5 November at The Caledonian Club in London’s Belgravia. The flagship event, The Bratach Gorm, attracted eleven entrants of whom nine played. Competitors, who must previously have won either the Highland Society of London’s Gold Medals at Oban or Inverness or the Gillies Cup at the London Competition were required to submit seven tunes of their own choosing.

The clear and popular winner was Glenn Brown with an outstanding performance of The Edinburgh Piobaireachd on an outstanding bagpipe. Second was Calum Beaumont who played another modern tune with skill and musicality, The Phantom Piper of Corrieyairick. It is interesting to note that three of the past six Bratach Gorm first prizes  (2015, 2018 and 2021) have been awarded to competitors playing pieces of Ceol Mor composed in the last fifty years.

Third prize was awarded to Finlay Johnston with a highly musical interpretation of The Battle of Auldearn (number one setting). A small catch towards the end of his tune may have cost him dearly as this was once again a top class rendition.

Alasdair Henderson had the unenviable position of playing first and gave a confident interpretation of The Big Spree to gain fourth place.

Fifth prize was awarded to Iain Speirs with The Lament for MacSwan of Roaig.

Other competitors were Roderick MacLeod (The Old Men of the Shells), William MacCallum (MacNeill of Barra’s March), Bruce Gandy (The King’s Taxes) and Peter McCalister (The Finger Lock).

The Morrison Room at the Caledonian Club is acoustically a wonderful performance stage for this event but warm temperatures once the audience of some fifty people were seated and the doors closed apparently caused some competitors difficulties in settling their instruments, especially in the early part of the evening. 

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Saturday Events:

Open Piobaireachd for the William Gillies Cup (6 tunes)
1 Jamie Forrester
2 Sarah Muir
3 Roderick MacLeod
4 Darach Urquhart
5 Finlay Johnston

MSR: London Medallion & John MacFadyen Quaich (6 of each, two of each to be played)
1 Callum Beaumont
2 Ben Duncan
3 William McCallum
4 Calum Brown
5 Sarah Muir

March: P/M JB Robertson Silver Rose Bowl (6 of each, selected tune to be played once)
1 Callum Beaumont
2 Finlay Johnston
3 Ben Duncan

Jig: Mary Flora Beaton Cup (3 of each)
1 Finlay Johnston
2 Callum Beaumont
3 Sarah Muir

London Champion 2021: Callum Beaumont

Piobaireachd: RG Lawrie Rams Horn Snuff Mull (6 tunes)
1 Jamie Forrester, Daughter’s Lament
2 John Mulhearn, Earl of Ross’sMarch
3 Calum Brown, Lament for Donald DuaghalMacKay
4 Sarah Muir, Lachlan MacNeil Campbell of Kintarbert’s Fancy
5 Angus J MacColl, MacLeod of Raasay’s Salute

MSR: Strachan Memorial (submit 4 of each)
1 Ashley McMichael
2 Calum Watson
3 Matt Wilson
4 Gordon Conn
5 Jamie Forrester

‘A’ Jig: Donald Forbes Medal (own choice)
1 Calum Watson
2 John Mulhearn
3 Gordon Conn

Overall ‘A’ Champion: CalumWatson

‘B’ Piobaireachd: John Roe Plate (4 tunes) 
1 Ruaridh Brown
2 Andrew Ferguson
3 Angus MacPhee
4 LachieDick
5 Greig Canning

‘B’ MSR:  London Scottish Hodden Grey Trophy (3 of each)
1 Andrew Ferguson
2 Peter McCalister
3 Dan Nevans
4 John Dew
5 Finlay Cameron

‘B ‘Jig
1 John Dew
2 Jonathan Simpson
3 Ruaridh Brown

‘B’ Grade Champion: Andrew Ferguson

Juvenile Piobaireachd

  1. Duncan Winters
  2. Kyle Cameron
  3. Dugald MacKechnie

2 thoughts on “Bratach Gorm Results and Report and Complete London Championship Results

  1. Such a mighty and rare achievement to compose ceol mor that becomes part of it all, sitting in equality with big well known names such as The Viscount, The Kiss, Patrick Og,The Shells that top pipers will continue playing for evermore. It was a great joy to hear Callum play the Phantom in his best competition form and I’m miffed that I missed the winning Edinburgh Piob from Glenn. I did hear the glorious sound of Finlay Johnson’s pipes during his Battle of Auldearn though. Great to be in the same room as all of our top pipers competing with superb instruments and trying to achieve what it takes to become the best on the day.

  2. Some really good piping in London tonight on some really good pipes and great to be able to hear it live, at last!, Interesting to have two of Captain John’s tunes in the prizes.

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