Super Set of D Naill Pipes for Sale/ Please Support our Advertisers

This bagpipe belongs to noted professional piper Andrew Hall, Northern Ireland, London and now Glasgow. They are a set of Naills model DN3ES, aged imitation ivory mounts and hallmarked Sterling silver slides. 

The pipes are as new and were made in 2018. They are in excellent condition as the photographs show (see link). They have had very little playing but have a superb, steady tone. Bought as an additional set. Selling as ‘sticks and stocks only without chanter’. More information, price, and additional photographs here.

David Naill & Co are one of today’s finest bagpipe makers. Their instruments are played by many of the top competing professiopnal pipers. Their pipes are noted for their steadiness and ease of tuning plus their fullness of sound.

Piping Press message to all readers… This is a difficult time for our advertisers. As everyone is aware, there has been very little pipe band competition in the Northern Hemisphere, though things are picking up in the US where live events are being held more regularly.

Here in the UK things are dire with a complete wipe out of all band contests for the second year running. The knock-on effect for our advertisers is considerable.

Each season reedmakers such as RT Shepherd and G1 get ready to fulfil dozens of orders for bands eager to improve their sound. Chanter and bagpipe makers such as D Naill, McCallum , RG Hardie, Wallace, Shepherd and G1 are readying themselves for an onslaught of work.

These companies are all still doing well but they cannot continue to succeed without the support of the piping and pipe band fraternity.

So, if you have any spare cash in your own or band kitty…..Have you thought about that new solo chanter? Need some reeds for that late season parade your band might be thinking about? Then place your orders now. And what better time to experiment with that new set of chanters with plenty of time to fine tune?

We must keep going through this pandemic and try to emerge strongly at the other side. That means supporting PP’s regular advertisers, the reedmakers and pipemakers on whose instruments and products we depend.

We list them in no particular order: Wallace Bagpipes, McCallum Bagpipes, D Naill & Co., RT Shepherd, G1 Reeds & Chanters, RG Hardie & Co., Ayrshire Bagpipes, Burley Bagpipes.

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