Piobaireachd Society Meetings and Conference Online/ Jori Chisholm’s ‘World Online Championships’

The Piobaireachd Society are holding their Annual General Meeting online this week. The meeting is open to all members who should have received an invitiation. If not please contact the President Robert Wallace on president@piobaireachd.co.uk.

The AGM is on Wednesday, March 24, at 7PM GMT and members can view the agenda and the latest accounts online prior to the meeting via the Society’s website.

The Society has also launched a new range of bespoke bagpipe covers. Each cover is in quality velvet with gold fringing, rubber gripper, full length zip and embroidered PS logo. These covers, made by bagpipecovers.com, can be purchased here.

Styled ‘A Competition for Pipers and Drummers All Across the Globe’, BagpipeLessons.com has announced the return of their online piping and drumming competition, ‘The World Online Piping & Drumming Championships’, for Spring 2021.

The announcement reads: ‘While most of the world’s bagpipe competitions and Scottish Highland Games are still either cancelled, postponed, or reduced in size for the year, this online competition is an innovative and unique opportunity for competitors to compete from the safety and comfort of their own home.

‘I wanted to expand the opportunities for pipers to enjoy and learn from playing in competitions, without the expense and complications of travel, even before the pandemic. This led me to create the world’s first online bagpipe competition in 2011,’ says Jori Chisholm, World Champion bagpiper and founder of BagpipeLessons.com.

Jori Chisholm after winning the Vancouver Indoor Meet in 2002

‘We’ve experienced record competition entry submissions over the past year, and we plan on continuing and expanding the event in the future. It’s been an incredibly rewarding process.’

‘Competitors receive individualized feedback from some of the best pipers and drummers in the world—World Champions, Gold Medal winners, top Pipe Majors and soloists. Comments are posted publicly, and all entrants are free to watch all other contestant videos.

‘These special offerings are much of why pipers and drummers keep coming back season after season. The valuable judging commentary and exposure to thousands of other musical performances allows competitors to truly improve and develop their crafts in a meaningful way.

‘More information can be found at BagpipeLessons.com/competition. Competitor registration deadline is April 22, 2021.’

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