SFU Worlds 1995 Video Part 2/ RSPBA on Covid/ Report: Virus Can Travel Five Metres

Kevin Maclean of the Simon University Pipe Band: ‘I just wanted to let you know about Part 2 of our mini-documentary about the band’s 1995 World Championship win. There’s a bit of a write-up as well as all of the videos here.

The band is pictured above with their trophies in 1995. The story begins: To commemorate the 25th anniversary of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band’s first victory at the World Pipe Band Championship in 1995, the band has released a two-part documentary looking back at the victory and its decade-long effort to capture the world’s top pipe band prize.

The SFU Pipe Band burst onto the world pipe band scene in 1985, surprising many by placing second at the World Championships and almost upsetting five-time champions Strathclyde Police. That sniff of the winners circle drove pipe major Terry Lee, his brother, pipe sergeant Jack Lee, and a top-level circle of drummers and pipers over the next decade to build a band that marched off the field as champions in 1995, their first of six World victories……..

The RSPBA have published their latest information from the Scottish administration in Edinburgh on bands practising and performing. It includes te following:

‘Amateur music organisations, and the talented individuals who work with them, are an essential part of the fabric of Scotland’s culture and communities and promote our international reputation, and the Scottish Government is determined that they will survive and be able to thrive again.

‘Sector-led guidance for the Performing Arts and Venues in Scotland is in preparation. It will include music performance for both professionals and non-professionals, and will look at rehearsals, pre-production and performance (with and without a live audience). It will be overarching in nature; as each organisation or workplace is different, it is for individual organisations and practitioners to work with trade union, workforce or volunteer representatives to determine how best to apply any guidance in their particular circumstances.

Because of the particular concerns relating to aerosol transmission, a cautious approach to the playing of wind and brass instruments, including bagpipes, is required and this will be reflected in the guidance. Research into this transmission risk is ongoing and will continue to inform decisions and guidance.  

‘The Performing Arts and Venues guidance is scheduled for publication soon and will be accessible at the following link:  https://www.gov.scot/arts-culture-and-sport/. It will be reviewed and updated regularly. It is important that we continue to prioritise safety and suppressing the virus, and our guidance draws the attention of non-professionals to the current social gathering guidelines.’

Pipers and pipe bands may be interested in this latest scientific report doing the rounds in the quality press in the UK last week:

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  1. Very interesting article about Covid19.

    I think I should point out that particular caution should be taken when picking products that claim to protect you.

    Make sure that they are on your governments list of approved products and tested by Govt recognised scientists with a speciality in the field of virus protection.


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