Aboyne Flag is Lowered Before 2020 Online Piping Contest Begins (updated)

Dr Taylor pipes for the lowering of the flag
By Dr Jack Taylor

Below are the the results from Saturday’s Aboyne Games online competitions, sponsored by George Strachan Ltd. I think it was judged a success, but everybody hopes not to be repeated. 

Aboyne was chilly early on but warmer later. The committee, kilted and bonneted, gathered on a quiet Green, the flag was raised to Games Day at Aboyne, the Earl of Aboyne spoke elegantly, drams appeared from behind backs, a toast was proposed, the flag was lowered to Chris Armstrong’s Salute to the Front Line, and everybody went home. 

The piping convenor and his team of stewards then called competitors worldwide on video and assisted them in recording their tunes.

Open Piobaireachd 
1st Bruce Gandy – Lord Lovat’s Lament 
2nd Jamie Forrester – Earl of Ross’s March 
3rd Andy Rogers – Lament for the Union 
4th Ben Duncan – Lord Lovat’s Lament 
5th David Wilton – Lament for the Earl of Antrim. 
Judges: I Duncan, S Samson, D Watson 

Open March 
1st Alex Gandy 
2nd Fraser Allison 
3rd Calum Brown 
4th Ben Duncan 
5th Teddy Krogh 
Judges: M McRae, W Wotherspoon 

Listen to Alex Gandy’s winning march, Morag Ramsay, by P/M Donald Shaw Ramsay:

Open Strathspey and Reel 
1st John Dew 
2nd Bruce Gandy 
3rd Alex Gandy 
4th Ben Duncan 
5th Calum Brown 
Judges: M Henderson, W Wotherspoon 

1st Bruce Gandy 
2nd Alex Gandy 
3rd Ben Duncan 

Listen to John Dew’s winning S&R, The Falls of Forsy and Mrs MacPherson of Inveran:

Piobaireachd finalists: Andrew Rogers, Alex Gandy, Ben Duncan, Brodie Watson-Massey, Bruce Gandy, Calum Brown, David Wilton, Jamie Forrester, Jonathon Simpson, Liz Drury. 

The Earl of Aboyne is piped to the field

March finalists: Alex Gandy, Ben Duncan, Brodie Watson-Massey, Bruce Gandy, Callum Wynd, Calum Brown, Fraser Allison, Jonathon Simpson, Lachie Dick, Teddy Krogh. 

Strathspey and Reel finalists: Alex Gandy, Andrew Donlon, Ben Duncan, Brodie Watson-Massey, Bruce Gandy, Calum Brown, Fraser Allison, John Dew, John MacDonald, Jonathon Simpson. 

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  1. This was a really excellent event, very well organised and well thought out to create the pressure of live performance without the risk of internet outage! Great credit to Jack and the team of stewards and judges. Jamie

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