Aboyne Games – Full Results

Scorcher at Aboyne today. Twenty in Open events, strong junior field. 

Under 18 Piobaireachd 

1. Kyle Cameron, Battle of Auldearn No 1
2. Christopher Happs, Battle of Auldearn No 2
3. Liam Brown, The Field of Gold
4. Aly Williams, Cabar Feidh gu Bragh

Under 18 MSR

1. Kyle Cameron
2. Christopher Happs
3. Ewan Allen
4. Jake Roberts

Winners at Aboyne, Callum Brown, John Dew and Kyle Cameron

1 John Dew, Rory McLeod’s Lament
2 Jonathon Simpson, Lament for the Viscount of Dundee
3 Allan Russell, The Vaunting
4 George Taylor, MacGregor’s Salute
5 Dr Jack Taylor, Mary’s Praise

1 Allan Russell
2 Callum Brown
3 Gordon McCready
4 Jonathon Simpson

Strathspey and Reel:
1 Gordon McCready (pictured above receiving his trophy)
2 Callum Brown
3 Allan Russell
4 George Taylor and John Dew tied 4th

Hornpipe and Jig
1 Callum Brown
2 George Taylor
3 Greig Canning
4 Gordon McCready

Piob: M McRae, S Samson, W Wotherspoon 

MSR and junior light music: J Hamilton, L Tannock.

Junior Piob and H&J: D Watson, L Barclay

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