Luss Games and CLASP Results

A very pleasant day on the shores of Loch Lomond, writes Robert Wallace. Low entries in all events but there were sufficient to to keep the sound of the pipes ringing on the Bonnie Banks from mid morning till late afternoon. The picture above shows Ben Mulhearn receiving the open piobaireached trophy. Ben, of Ayrshire Bagpipes, was playing his own chanter and a set of Burmese Rosewood pipes also made by himself.

Apart from the exciting piping there was a further thrill when a mini tornado launched a gazebo into mid air, stewards in pursuit. It sailed towards the piobaireachd bench. Fortunately the judges were able to duck out of the way in time before their own became a mess of canvas and sticks.

Open Piob
1 Ben Mulhearn, King’s Taxes
2 Fraser Allison, Battle of Auldearn No 2
3 Kyle Shead, Lament for the Viscount of Dundee

1 Donald McPhee
2 Fraser Allison
3 Kyle Shead
4 Brian Mulhearn
5 Andrew Yu

Fraser Allison, formerly of Strathclyde Police and Shotts pipe bands receives the trophy for light music champion

1 Fraser Allison
2 Kyle Shead
3 Karen McCrindle Warren
4 Andrew Yu
5 Timothy Ness

Check out these shots of pipers in the Open contest. They are Ben Mulhearn, Karen McCrindle Warren, Donald McPhee, Kyle Shead, Fraser Allison, Andrew Yu:

Junior March
1 Bobby Allen
2 Cameron MacPhail
3 Mark Morrison

Junior Champion Bobby Allen

Junior S&R
1 Bobby Allen
2 Cameron MacPhail
3 Mark Morrison

Local March
1 Cameron MacPhail

Local S&R
1 Cameron MacPhail

CLASP – the Competition League for Solo Amateur Pipers
Grade 1 March
1 James Murray
2 Robert Wilson
3 Janette Greenwood
4 Stewart Gaudin
5 Bianca Kail

Grade 1 S&R
1 James Murray
2 Janette Greenwood
3 Robert Wilson
4 Bianca Kail
5 Stewart Gaudin

Grade 2 March
1 Dagmar Pesta
2 Stuart Allan
3 Ian Kirkwood

Grade 2 S&R
1 Stuart Allan
2 Ian Kirkwood
3 Dagmar Pesta

Check out these pictures of pipers playing in the CLASP events, James Murray, Stewart Gaudin, Dagmar Pesta, Megan Kenney:

Grade 3 March
1 Megan Kenney
2 Hector Thomson

Grade 3 S&R
1 Megan Kenney
2 Hector Thomson

Judges for all piobaireachd events W Morrison and N Mulvie; judges for all light music B Donaldson and R Wallace.

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2 thoughts on “Luss Games and CLASP Results

  1. Well done to my fellow Claspitiers. Disappointed I missed this Competition. Next time for sure… Looks as if everyone had a great day.

    This is my first year competing at the CLASP… It is a magnificent environment for developing your skill set and making new friends. If only I could turn the clock back… I would have joined years ago.

    Hats off to the people who pull all this stuff together throughout the year. The Judges, Tutors, Organisers,Claspitiers and of course Margaret Dunn and Finlay Johnston. Great stuff indeed…

  2. Nice photos. A lovely day. I got two first and a second in only my second competition. The CLASP has been great for me. It gives me extra incentive to work at my piping and the competitors are all friendly and supportive of one another. And, on a day like yesterday it’s, if nothing else, a good day out!
    James Murray

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