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Patrick Molard reports from Brittany: Great edition of ‘Pibroch en bord de mer’ (Pibroch by the Seaside) in Cancale for the 14th year on Sunday 16th September. Glorious weather in beautiful surroundings, the Mont Saint Michel and the coast of Normandy in the background. Thirty-three pipers turned up and 36 pieces were played as a few pipers played both in the morning and in the afternoon. Above is Yves Tison in Port Pican playing Corrienessan’s Salute.

But it had all started the day before on Saturday with a masterclass run this year by myself. Fifteen students attended the course with pipers from Brittany, from other parts of France, but also from Holland, California, and even a young piper from Hong Kong living in Glasgow. We went through a piece in canntaireachd from the Colin Campbell manuscript called One of the Dead’s Lament. This piece was recently published in my book with Jack Taylor ‘The Pipers Meeting’. After a break for lunch, we studied a piece from Angus MacKay’s manuscript called The Boat Tune, and the afternoon ended with the annual meeting of the association ‘Pibroch en bord de mer’ under the leadership of our President Remy le Castrec. Once again Remy thanked all the different partners who give their financial support, in particular the Piobaireachd Society whose help is greatly appreciated. 

President Remy Le Castrec concluding the afternoon with Lament for the Old Sword

The following morning Jakez Pincet our Honorary President and founder of the association, had the thankless role of opening the festivities (it was a bit cold for the fingers at 9 in the morning!) He gave us a nice rendering of Lady Margaret MacDonald’s Salute and was followed by 12 other pipers before we made a break for lunch at 12.30 pm . 

We left the beautiful surroundings of the Pointe des Crosles and moved to another beautiful spot called Port Pican by the seaside with always the Mont Saint Michel in the background, hot sun and blue sky, just magic! Lunch was entertained by the bagad of Saint-Malo (local pipe band with pipes, drums and bombards) and we had a welcome speech from the lord mayor of Cancale who insisted on the importance of this event and the impact on the Saint-Malo / Cancale region, but also abroad as ‘Pibroch in bord de mer’ has now an international reputation. 

Denis Daniel playing Captain Campbell of Glenlyon’s Lament

A lot of people attended the afternoon and listened to another 23 pibrochs until the end when our President Remy Le Castrec concluded this 14th edition with a fine interpretation of Lament for the Old Sword. Here are the tunes which were played during the day (a few of them were played several times ) : Lady Margaret Mac Donald ‘s Salute , Lament for Donald of Laggan, the Massacre of Glencoe, Duntroon’s Warning, Hindro hintro hindro cheve (Pipers Meeting), Colin MacRae of Inverinate’s Lament, In Praise of Morag, Captain Archibald Campbell of Glenlyon (Pipers Meeting), Fairy Chanter (Simon Fraser ), Glengarry’s Lament, Lament for Mary MacLeod, Marquis of Argyll’s Salute, Lament for the Children, Corrienessan’s Salute, Glengarry’s March, Lament for Alan My Son (Duncan Johnstone), Fair Honey, Desperate Battle of the Birds, Battle of Glen Shiel, Salute to Brawbeag (comp. Jakez Pincet), Black Donald’s March, I am Proud to Play a Pipe, Fingerlock, MacFarlane’s Gathering, Lament for Alasdair Dearg, Kenavo deoc’h (Breton Pibroch), Sir James MacDonald of the Isles’ Lament, Lament for Donald Duaghal MacKay, Earl of Seaforth’s Salute, MacIntosh’s Lament, Lament for the Old Sword. 

• What cultured people! Clearly a huge success Patrick and congratulations to everyone involved.

Bruce Beavis in Chicago…’Perhaps get some discussion going on ‘what are you doing to commemorate the end the of First War?’ One of my military college buddies, Peter McDougall  and his pipe band buddies in Fredericton, New Brunswick, are playing every night at their cenotaph for 100 nights to commemorate the anniversary of the end of the
First War. As you probably know, it was to 100 Day’s Campaign of the BEF in which both the Canadians, Australians and Americans played a lead role that ended the war on the
Western Front.

I think there are many initiative going on Bruce but that is a commendable effort by Peter. Read the full story here. Can I draw readers’ attention to the Peace Garden story we ran earlier this week.

Peter plays at the Fredericton Cenotaph

Reader Paul White: I wonder if you or the readers of Piping Press might be able to help me.I am looking for a photo of Kelty and Blairadam Pipe Band from the World Pipe Band Championships in 1969.  If I’ve got my history right, this is the year the band won the Grade 2 competition. I played with the band for a spell in the 1980s and I am hoping to track down the photo for an old friend from those days who played in the winning band in 1969.If anyone is able to help, they can contact me on 07941 679015 or by sending an email to paulwhite2@blueyonder.co.uk. I will keep my fingers crossed! With thanks and best wishes.

Nothing in the PP library I’m afraid Paul. Can anyone help?

Here is a recording of German piper Anna Kummerlöw playing an excellent 2/4 march from Michael Grey’s new book. The tune’s called Breuberg Castle which is the home of the Bagpipe Association of Germany’s summer school. Anna, Mike and Barry Donaldson were the leading teachers there this summer and from what I hear it was a very successful endeavour. This is a fine tune which deserves to be played and it is perfectly executed and expressed by Anna:

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