Argyllshire Gathering Picture Gallery from Two Days of Wonderful Piping

Two days of quality piping in Oban, and here are some pictures which we hope will be enjoyed by those who attended and those who couldn’t make it. The picture above is of the Gathering’s own 2018 chuckle brothers, Silver Medallist Darach Urquhart and Gold Medallist Stuart Easton. Their pipes are adorned with the winners’ banners supplied by MacDonald Bag Covers. The banners are retained by the pipers. The gallery:

His Grace the Duke of Argyll presents the Highland Society of London’s Gold Medal to Stuart Easton, New Zealand

Mr Ian Tegner presents the Angus Nicol Memorial Silver Medal to Andrew Ferguson of Dollar Academy. Mr Tegner, a member of the Gathering, was a cousin of the late Angus. The medal is won by the piper who gains most points in the P/M RG Hardie Memorial MSR and the MacGregor Memorial Piobaireachd

It was a squally day at Mossfield Park, so much so that one of the judges’ tents blew away. There was a report that one adjudicator was struck a glancing blow to the head during the drama. Thankfully no harm done, and we will not report the comment of one concerned young competitor who said that soft wood striking soft wood seldom did much damage. Holding the brollies are stewards Glynis and Alasdair Dewar and Rosemary MacColl. The judges are Anne Johnston, Tom Speirs and Jack Taylor

A superb achievement by young Connor Sinclair, Crieff, winning the ‘A’ Grade March at his first attempt. Here he receives the Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society Bronze Star from AG Piping Convenor Torquil Telfer

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Ross Connor, Campbeltown, a student of John Wilson, was the winner of the Duke of Argyll’s Medal for Under 18 March, Strathspey and Reel

Josh Chandler from Melbourne, Australia, the winner of the P/M RG Hardie Memorial Trophy for Intermediate MSR

Gold Medallist Stuart Easton leads the march to the games

When pipes play the crowds will follow….

Doing their country proud were these Kiwi competitors at the Gathering

What a front rank….Gold Medallist Stuart Easton, Senior Piobaireachd 5th place winner Greg Wilson, MacGregor Winner Andrew Ferguson and Silver Medallist Darach Urquhart

Well done the Army…….’A’ Grade Strathspey & Reel winner P/Sgt Ben Duncan receives his AG Silver Medal from Torquil Telfer

On stage and heading for glory…. Stuart Easton in the Gold Medal with his tune the Brother’s Lament

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