Glenfinnan Games Results

Seventeen pipers played in the iconic setting of Glenfinnan in the west Highlands. A mostly dry but windy and overcast day. Seven played in the juniors and 10 in the seniors

1 Ed McIlwaine, Canada, Desperate Battle
2 Jason Craig, Australia, Glengarry’s March
3 Dan Leyden, USA, Red Speckled Bull

1 Dan Leyden
2 Sandy Cameron
3 Jori Chisholm

1 Sandy Cameron
2 Jori Chisholm
3 Jason Craig
Judge for all senior events: M McRae

U-17 Piob
1 Archie Clark
2 Kyle Cameron
3 Laura Robertson/ Ronald MacIntosh

U-17 March
1 Archie Clark
2 Tom Spencer
3 Kyle Cameron

U-17 S&R
1 Archie Clark
2 Tom Spencer
3 Laura Robertson
Judge for al junior events: Colin MacBeth

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