Strathmore Games Results

The annual games were held in the grounds of historic Glamis Castle, Angus, yesterday. The weather was mostly warm and dry but with a shower later on. In the picture above, successful competitor Calum Wynd competes in the piobaireachd and against the pipe band. Thanks to Peter McCalister for the pix.

1 Edward Gaul, Lady Margaret MacDonald’s Salute
2 Peter McCalister
3 Gordon Barclay
4 Eirann Ianeta-McKay
5 Jonathan Greenlees

Judges: R Barnes and R Clark

Competitor Brian Mulhearn in the light music


1 Allan Russell
2 Jonathan Greenlees
3 Calum Wynd
4 William Rowe

5 Edward Gaul

We are not sure if this company is an offshoot of Strathmore Bagpipes but those Hendersons are so enterprising who knows? Well done to this company for sponsoring the piping
Strathspey and Reel
1 Allan Russell
2 William Rowe
3 Calum Wynd
4 Peter McCalister
5 Caitlin MacDonald
Ceol beag judges: J Hamilton, G MacLean

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