British Columbia Pipers’ Association Annual Indoor Meet (Updated)

The British Columbia Pipers’ Association Annual Indoor Meet was held last weekend with much of the day and the awards ceremony livestreamed.

This ceremony included a tribute to the late Andrew Bonar and other BC Pipers’ members who had passed on during the year, with members of the pipe corps of the Simon Fraser University Pipe Band performing the whole of Andrew’s Silver Medal winning tune, the piobaireachd ‘I Gave a Kiss to the King’s Hand’ complete with harmonies. Solos at the start and finish are played by P/Sgt Jack Lee and P/M Alan Bevan. Above is a picture of the pipe corps on stage and results from the Gathering are below.

The music begins after a short tribute by BC Pipers President Robert MacNeill at about 21 minutes into the ceremony: 

Alan Bevan won all the Open Piping events at the ‘Indoor held on March 30 & 31 at North Delta Secondary School, Delta, BC, reprising his 2005 sweep of all the Open events.

Zephan Knichel captured the Competing Pipers Association Combined B&C Grade Piobaireachd, with CPA Vice-President Callum Beaumont present. Blair Brown and Grant Maxwell tied for the Open Snare Drumming aggregate. In Grade 1, Tori Killoran won the Piping aggregate and Bryce Kreger won the Snare Drumming aggregate.

Rocky Mountain won the Grade 2 overall and Simon Fraser University took the Grade 1 band events overall. Also, in what may be a first in the history of the Annual Gathering, Alan Bevan and his son shared the trophy for the most points at the Annual Gathering.

Open Piobaireachd
1 Alan Bevan
2 Jack Lee
3 James P. Troy
4 Colin Lee
5 Alex Gandy
6 Alastair Lee
Judges: C Beaumont, A Wright

1 Alan Bevan
2 John Lee
3 Alex Gandy
4 Alastair Lee
5 Zephan Knichel
6 Andrew Lee
Judges: R Cusson, D Lindsay

Alan Bevan with the MacCrimmon Memorial Cairn for Open Piobaireachd

BCPA President Robert MacNeill added: ‘I was taken with your highlighting of the SFU pipers ‘I Got a Kiss of the King’s Hand’ performance during the awards ceremony. It certainly moved people in the audience and watching online. After the ceremony I was speaking with Jim McWilliams (of the famous P/M Donald MacLeod composition ‘Pipe Major J. McWilliams’) who recently lost his spouse Joan Murray. He told me that he doesn’t cry that often but during that performance he had his right hand over his face weeping. Thanks again for covering the BCPA Annual Gathering.’

Zephan Knichel (l) winner of the Darleen Milloy Memorial trophy for CPA Combined B&C Grade Piobaireachd presented by Derek Milloy

(Photo credits to Kevin McLean and Robert MacNeil)

Partial results are listed below with complete results, including band results detail, to be posted at on April 3. Videos of all the Open Snare Drumming and Open Piping events (except the Jig), all the band events, and the awards ceremony are online until April 20 at

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Open Jig
1 Alan Bevan 2 Gordon Conn 3 Colin Lee 4 Seumas Coyne 5 James P. Troy 6 Zephan Knichel
Judge: D Lindsay

Grade 1 Piob 1 Tori Killoran 2 Alistair Bevan 3 Charles Morris
4 Brannagh O’Donnell 5 Alexander MacLeod 6 Roger Lye
Judge: JW Troy

Grade 1 Jig
1 Tori Killoran 2 Charles Morris 3 Alistair Bevan
4 Roger Lye 5 Declan Todd 6 Sam Toohey
Judge: S Hilder

Grade 1 MSR
1 Alistair Bevan 2 Tori Killoran 3 Brannagh O’Donnell
4 William Woods 5 Alexander MacLeod 6 Charles Morris
Judge: R MacNeill

B&C Grade Piobaireachd
1 Zephan Knichel 2 Colin Lee 3 Kate Kimove
4 John Lee 5 Kevin McLean 6 Ross Barker
Judges: James W. Troy

Solo Snare Drumming
Open MSR
1 Blair Brown 2 Grant Maxwell 3 Taylor Killoran
Judges: S McWhirter, A Tessier

Hornpipe & Jig
1 Grant Maxwell 2 Blair Brown 3 Taylor Killoran
Judges: S McWhirter, A Tessier

March, Strathspey & Reel
1 Bryce Kreger 2 Jake Mix 3 Julia Snow 4 Finlay Benton 5 Blake Prescott

Hornpipe & Jig
1 Bryce Kreger 2 Julia Snow 3 Finlay Benton 4 Jake Mix 5 Donn Pratt


1 Simon Fraser University Best Drum Corps: Simon Fraser University

1 Rocky Mountain 2 Portland Metro 3 Robert Malcolm Memorial II
Best Drum Corps: Portland Metro

1 Robert Malcolm Memorial III 2 Greighlan Crossing
Best Drum Corps: Robert Malcolm III & Greighlan Crossing

1 White Spot IV 2 Robert Malcolm Memorial IV 3 Northwest Junior
Best Drum Corps: Robert Malcolm Memorial IV

1 Robert Malcolm Memorial V 2 Cedar Hills Caledonian
Best Drum Corps: Robert Malcolm Memorial V

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