Quest to Return Medals to Piper’s Family/ Piobaireachd Composing Contest

The medals pictured above are the subject of a letter from reader Dorothy Tulloch. Dorothy writes: ‘I have pictures and medals of the piper Angus MacMillan. They were given to my dad, Drum Major Eric Allan, for an exhibition some years ago at the World [Pipe Band] Championships.

‘My dad was Eric Allan from Irvine and a member of Ayr Pipe Band as drum major (I think, maybe Irvine and Ardeer too) but latterly he judged drum majors and was made a lifetime member [of the RSPBA] for his services. My dad has now died and I feel these medals and photos should be returned to the family of the above.

‘This is what I know about Angus: Angus MacMillan born 1872 at Lergnahension, died 1957 at Lochgilphead, Argyll. He was a native of Kilberry and a member of the Kilberry Pipe Band. He was piper to the Dowager Duchess of Argyll. He learned the chanter aged four years old. He had a brother Neil, also a member of Kilberry band.  Angus had a daughter Catherine Jean Macmillan (Miss) from Oran, Lochgair, Lochgilphead, Argyll.

‘Is there anyway your website can help me return these medals to the family?’

Angus MacMillan on the boards

Any reader who can help Dorothy should email Piping Press (address top left this page). The editor writes: These medals are clearly from local games in Argyll with the Royal Scottish Pipers’ Society Bronze Star prominent. This is presented each year by the Society for the Marches at the Argyllshire Gathering. There is also another medal from Inveraray Games.

Kilberry Pipers….is Angus MacMillan among this group?

Angus MacMillan was clearly a player of note and being from Kilberry would definitely have come into contact with the famous Campbell of Kilberry family and the great composer and player John MacColl who often visited at that time. The Kilberry ‘band’ was made up of members of the family and estate workers. Archibald Campbell of Kilberry Book and Piobaireachd Society fame can be seen sitting in front in the picture above.

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Reminders: Entries for the Highlands & Islands piping competitions close today. Entries for the Shasta Piobaireachd Composing Competition close on April 1. Organiser Steve Rooklidge of the Shasta Piping Society: ‘The deadline for entries to the 2018 Original Piobaireachd Competition is April 1st!

‘Composers wanting to submit their original work for award and recognition should refer to the rules of entry at the webpages of the Shasta Piping Society, Burley Bagpipe Co., and the Piping Press. The contest judges, Chris Terry, William Livingstone, and Robert Wallace, will read the scores and give a listen to determine which pieces rise above the rest. Good luck and happy piping to all composers!’

Steve has also reminded us that the current Piping Hour radio show (14/3/18) features our editor Robert Wallace. Check it out here.

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