Tobermory Games Results

A beautiful day at the friendly games, writes the Editor. The sun shone, the hospitality flowed and the real West Highland character was there in all its glory. There was good piping too.  Not a great entry, but the playing was enjoyable nevertheless. Champion Piper: Angus D MacColl. The above picture shows the judges with Piping Convenor Torquil Telfer relaxing after their day on the bench.

The Mish may be dead but the legacy of Bobby MacLeod lives on through his son and grandson. At the close of play a rejuvenated Bobby Jnr gave us a wide selection of pipe tunes on his button box. The Tobermory Hotel now does what the Mishnish used to.

The piping results:

1 Angus D MacColl, Unjust Incarceration, £100
2 Ed McIllwaine, British Columbia, The Vaunting, £65
3 Angus J MacColl, End of the Great Bridge, £40
4 Alistair Murray, N Ireland and Pittsburgh, Big Spree, £25
5 Ronald Telfer, Lament for Mary MacLeod, £10

Runner-up overall, Angus J MacColl

1 Angus D MacColl, Arthur Bignold, £65
2 Angus J MacColl, £40
3 Ronald Telfer, £25
4 Ed McIllwaine, £15
5 Alistair Murray, £5

Alistair Murray had a tune of two halves in the ceol mor

1 Angus D MacColl, £65
2 Angus J MacColl, £40
3 Alistair Murray, £25
4 Alastair MacLean, £15
5 Harry Walters, £5

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Piob (sponsored by Archie and Janet MacDonald)
1 Angus D MacColl, £25
2 Angus J MacColl, £15
3 Ronald Telfer, £10
4 Alastair MacLean, £5

1 Angus D MacColl, £25
2 Angus J MacColl, £15
3 Ronald Telfer, £10
4 Alastair MacLean, £5

1 Angus D MacColl, £25
2 Angus J MacColl, £15
3 Alastair Maclean, £10
4 Ronald Telfer, £5

Piob judges: A Maclean, R Wallace
Ceol beag judges: B Donaldson, I Duncan

Harry Watters, Canberra, Australia, has real potential as a piobaireachd player but chokes and note errors ruled him out of contention

In the ceol mor Angus D MacColl was the clear winner with the Unjust Incarceration. Maybe the low A was not exactly spotted with the drones but the masterly phrasing and technique shone through. Ed McIllwaine had a flattish pipe but consummate phrasing and technique in his performance. Angus J was rather square but deserved his prize. Alastair Murray had a tune of two halves. He started superbly well but half way through lost the plot and was hanging on in the T&C. Fifth went to Ronald Telfer with the best tune we had heard from him. A better crunluath and he could have been considered for a better prize.

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