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Congratulations to the former Director of Army Bagpipe Music Major Steven Small on his recent award of the MBE in the Queen’s New Year Honours List. Steven retired from his post last year after nine years in charge at the Army School at Inchdrewer House, Edinburgh.

Steven served for 35 years in the Army and has now taken up a new job with the Edinburgh Tattoo. His successor is Major Gordon Rowan who was previously Major Small’s second in command. Read more here.

As expected we have now reached over 1,000,000 views since we started the Piping Press web magazine  two years and three months ago so thanks to everyone for their support. In particular I want to thank our advertisers. They realise what a good platform PP is for their products, gaining them exposure to the market place unmatched by any other media outlet. However without their support it would not be possible to continue PP as a not for profit, free magazine. There are no subscriptions on PP – just the very best in piping journalism and quality writing. The relevant stats:

Piper John Frater has confirmed that the RAS Frater mentioned in the ‘International Piper’ article of 1980 was indeed his elder brother Bob. John writes: ‘RAS Frater is big brother and his performance of the Big Spree that day was excellent, though my recollection is that, being first on in the morning, the entire audience was the stewards for the day, Sir James Morrison-Low and myself, and the judges, from memory, John Burgess, Evan MacRae and Duncan Cameron (father of Richard, another RSPS  worthy).[wds id=”2″]

The US Fish & Wildlife Service has confirmed that they do issue Musical Instrument Certificates for those pipers in the States who wish to travel to, say,  the Worlds. They have also confirmed that any earnings that accrue when US citizens pipe abroad is not considered by them as commercial activity. What is considered commercial activity is trading in blackwood instruments and parts. That means buying the instrument in the first place and also selling it overseas at a later date. For this activity an import/export licence is now required. Click here for more and check out this panel:

Final results from the 1980 ‘International Piper’ magazine:
Lochearnhead 1954
Piob: 1 JD Burgess 2 P/M Donald MacLeod 3 JC Johnston, Glasgow Police 4 Jimmy MacGregor
March: 1 JD Burgess 2 P/M Donald MacLeod 3 Jimmy MacGregor 4 Walter Drysdale

Aboyne 1954
Piob: 1 Donald Maclean 2 Walter Drysdale 3 Norman Meldrum 4 Willie MacDonald
March: Walter Drysdale 2 John MacDougall 3 Donald MacLean 4 Donald Morrison
S&R: 1 Walter Drysdale 2 Donald MacLean 3 Willie MacDonald 4 Donald Morrison

SPA Juvenile 1980
Piobaireachd for the MacDougall Gillies Trophy:
1 Kenneth McBride, Lament for Donald of Laggan
2 Craig Walker, Struan Robertson’s Salute
3 Kenneth McCormick, Wee Spree
4 Roderick MacLeod, Lament for the Only Son

B Piobaireachd
1 William Easton, Munro’s Salute
2 Angus MacRae, Desperate Battle
3 Alvis Kerr, Wee Spree
4 Ross Irving, Lament for the Old Sword

March Under 16
1 Kenneth McBride 2 Robert Drummond 3 Andrew McCowa 4 Tom Gorman

S&R Under 16
1 Robert Drummond 2 Kenneth McBride 3 3 Andrew McCowan
4 David MacCall