Blairgowrie Games Results

Warm and dry all morning; warm and torrential rain all afternoon.

Open Piob
1 Ed McIllwaine, MacLeod of MacLeod Lament
2 Jonathan Greenlees
3 James McHattie
4 Jamie Troy
Quaich: Ed McIllwaine
Judge: C MacLellan

Open March
1 Jamie Troy
2 Glen Ross
3 Ben Duncan
4 Andrew Donlon

Open S&R
1 Ross Miller
2 Jonathon Simpson
3 Andrew Donlon
4 Jamie Troy

Overall Champion Piper: Jamie Troy

‘B’ Piob
1 Jonathan Simpson
2 Cameron MacDougall
3 Ben Duncan
4 David Shedden
5 Dan Lyden

‘C’ Piob
1 James Dyson
2 Ben Mulhearn
3 Kaitlin Kimove
4 Chris Lee
5 Andy Graham

‘C’ March
1 Chris Lee
2 James Dyson
3 Ben Mulhearn
4 Kaitlin Kimove

‘C’ S&R
1 Chris Lee
2 James Dyson
3 Kaitlin Kimove
4 Ben Mulhearn

Overall’C’ Grade Champion eceiving the Jimmy MacGregor Memorial Quaich: James Dyson

Junior U-18 March and S&R were both won by AJ MacGregor.