Scots Guards KO/ 100 Guineas Draw/ Letter/ Kintyre Juniors

Jimmy Banks reports: Ross Miller won his semi final KO against Scott Barrie and will meet Callum Moffat in the final on 15th May at the Scots Guards Club, Haymarket, Edinburgh. Tickets £10. Curry served after.

Future event: Callum Beaumont recital 17 April, 4pm at the Scots Guards Club, tickets £10 with curry served.

The draw for the main events 100 Guineas competition in Johannesburg, South Africa, this weekend is below. And well done to Brian Mulhearn of Ayrshire Bagpipes (pictured top) for travelling all the way from Scotland to support this competition.

The Guineas Weekend 2016 – Order of Play
Saturday 2nd April
Event 1 : The L.M. Millar Memorial Trophy – Piobaireachd
Venue : Main Room
Adjudicators : Geoff Irvine, Chris Terry, Struan Young
10.00  Cyril Hall
10.20  Des Plint
10.40  Stuart Hobson  (St Andrew’s College)
11.00  Nicholas Taitz
11.20  Brian Mulhearn
11.40  Thomas Fuller  (1 Medical Battalion)
12.00  Richard Payn  (1 Medical Battalion)
Event 2 : The L.M. Millar Memorial Trophy – March
Venue : Main Room
Adjudicators : Andy Dippenaar, Tom Knobel
13.00  Des Plint
13.10  Cyril Hall
13.20  Thomas Fuller  (1 Medical Battalion)
13.30  Brian Mulhearn
13.40  Richard Payn  (1 Medical Battalion)
13.50  Stuart Hobson  (St Andrew’s College)
14.00  Nicholas Taitz
Event 3 : The L.M. Millar Memorial Trophy – Strathspey & Reel
Venue : Main Room
Adjudicators : Roger Davies, Alan Sheppard
14.30  Des Plint
14.40  Cyril Hall
14.50  Thomas Fuller  (1 Medical Battalion)
15.00  Brian Mulhearn
15.10  Richard Payn  (1 Medical Battalion)
15.20  Stuart Hobson  (St Andrew’s College)
15.30  Nicholas Taitz

Get full details: Guineas draw.

Dr J David Hester of the Alt Pibroch Club has written re the PP report on the recent Piobaireachd Society Conference. Read his letter here.

Calling all juniors! Entry form for Kintyre Juniors posted. Download here. Contest entries close on April 15. Events are held in the Ardshiel and Seafield Hotels, Campbeltown, beginning at 9.30am. It may be a long way to Campbeltown from the Central Belt, but this is always a very well run contest with good prizes, so support it if you can.