Taynuilt Games

A blustery day at the Argyllshire village games near Oban. Rain threatened but never materialised. Eight played in the ceol beag and six in the ceol mor. Champion piper was Darach Urquhart.

1 Darach Urquhart (Big Spree)
2 Euan Dewar
3 Jamie Forrester
Judges: G Clark, R Clark

1 Darach Urquhart
2 Gordon MacLean
3 Jamie Forrester

1 Euan Dewar
2 Darach Urquhart
3 Jamie Forrester

1 Darach Urquhart
2 Jamie Forrester
3 Euan Dewar
Light music judge: R McFie

Junior March
1 Gregor McDonald
2 Innes Munro
3 Emma Hill

Junior S&R
1 Gregor MacDonald
2 Emma Hill
3 Innes Munro

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